Devon developer salon — UFIDA low code & Huawei AI special show held on July 31


Today in 2020, no one will question the necessity and value of enterprise cloud. From the high-tech industry to the traditional field, large and small enterprises hope to be in the forefront of the reform road, accelerate the business digital transformation through the enterprise cloud, and better maintain and manage the enterprise data.

However, it is difficult for most enterprises to afford the cost of building a highly specialized IT team. In this context, no code / low code development technology emerges as the times require, without coding or through a small amount of code can quickly generate applications. Its biggest advantage is that “Xiaobai” without programming foundation can also turn the development process into a “building block”, which is simple and flexible to drag and drop to achieve the application development they want.

On July 31, the devrun developer salon UFIDA · Huawei cloud cup Enterprise Cloud Service developer competition was successfully held in E121 conference room, central area of UFIDA Industrial Park. This special session was jointly organized by UFIDA and Huawei cloud. Starting from the introduction and in-depth analysis of yonbuilder low code development platform, combined with Huawei cloud EI enterprise intelligence and Kunpeng cloud services and solutions, it brought participants a sharing course full of dry goods through four major themes.
Devon developer salon -- UFIDA low code & Huawei AI special show held on July 31

Most of the participants in the activity come from the contestants who have been promoted to the second round of this developer competition. Among them, there are many leaders and veterans of enterprise technology and business teams. They have been working in the industry for many years, and their high enthusiasm and positive sense of participation are no less than those of new employees in the workplace.
Devon developer salon -- UFIDA low code & Huawei AI special show held on July 31

The participants who performed well in QA were also given Bluetooth speakers provided by the organizer, which brought the atmosphere to a climax.
Devon developer salon -- UFIDA low code & Huawei AI special show held on July 31

At the end of the tea break, several guests got together with the participants. They exchanged contact information, discussed the details of the course content, and argued about the trend of cutting-edge technology

Participants expressed that they are looking forward to more salons landing in the future, learning the most cutting-edge technologies of UFIDA and Huawei cloud, and getting to know more small partners. The main contents shared by teachers are as follows:

Yonbuilder takes the lead in the era of low code development

Xiao Peiming, senior product manager of UFIDA! This paper introduces the future trend and application scenarios of low code enterprise software development, as well as the characteristics and advantages of yonbuilder low code development platform.
Devon developer salon -- UFIDA low code & Huawei AI special show held on July 31

It has been the norm for enterprises to innovate continuously and develop continuously at low cost. Mr. Xiao pointed out that yonbuilder low code development platform of UFIDA provides full ecological low code and no code application construction capabilities for localized development, enterprise self built, ISV development, individual developers, etc., so that business personnel who have no professional development background but understand business processes and requirements can develop an application directly by dragging and dropping.

Yonbuilder platform is a high-level low code development platform built by yonyou for the development trend of low code enterprises. It integrates many modules such as life cycle management, application model, deployment / integration / delivery, AI and intelligent application, social interaction and collaboration, which can bring convenient and professional enterprise application development experience for non professional developers, it personnel and business personnel.

Youbuilder not only supports citizen developers to build visual applications without code, but also supports professional developers to develop applications with low code efficiency

1. For those who don’t know how to program, yonbuilder supports zero code drag and drop application development.

2. For experienced development engineers, yonbuilder’s full component function and visual application construction greatly improve the efficiency of function adjustment, code maintenance and development. Cloud native development supports resource management, deployment, operation and maintenance of one-stop service.

3. For enterprises, yonbuilder’s low code and efficient development can enhance team members’ participation and simplify project management, and its cloud native architecture can significantly reduce hardware investment and operation and maintenance costs.

4. Yonbuilder provides more than 1000 enterprise level APIs for users to call at will, which can be deeply integrated with UFIDA products.

Youbuilder is the precipitation of UFIDA up to 32 years of enterprise software technology experience, can be applied to a variety of application scenarios, help enterprises in the digital era.

The technology of yonbuilder low code development platform

After the wonderful sharing of Mr. Xiao, yonyou senior technical architect Jiang Jun took over the opportunity and brought the title “yonbuilder, I know you! 》In this course, we explore the architecture principles and highlights of youbuilder, and discuss the release of low code development on ecological value and potential.
Devon developer salon -- UFIDA low code & Huawei AI special show held on July 31

One of the core values of yonbuilder is that business personnel without programming experience can quickly build enterprise software that meets their own needs through the visual platform. For this reason, yonbuilder introduces model driven design, canvas design and template based rapid construction mode to make application development as easy and simple as playgao. Developers only need to focus on the core programming logic, which is enough to release 80% of the workload.

AI development can also achieve zero code: Huawei cloud modelarts revealed

For a long time, AI development has been regarded as a software development type with high technology content and high threshold, but this inherent impression will be reversed by Huawei cloud’s new low code development platform. The third topic of this activity is “Huawei cloud modelarts, zero code play AI development” brought by Wang Longbu, senior algorithm engineer of Huawei cloud.
Devon developer salon -- UFIDA low code & Huawei AI special show held on July 31

Since deep learning triggered a new wave of AI wave, AI has been widely implemented in enterprises, helping enterprises improve and innovate a large number of businesses, which is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises to maintain their advantages. However, the current enterprise AI application development also has three major pain points: expensive computing power, employees who need advanced skills, and massive and high-quality labeled data. To this end, Huawei cloud has developed modelarts low code AI development platform, hoping to break the barriers of AI enterprise development at one stroke and realize AI empowerment for millions of enterprises.

Kunpengzhan opens up a new era of Enterprise Cloud Computing

In the era of cloud computing, AI, Internet of things and big data, massive connectivity and computing demand higher computing power for the industry. At the end of this activity, Liu Yunfei, the ecological manager of Huawei Kunpeng Lingyun, brought the sharing of “Kunpeng spreads its wings, strives for the future, and creates a new era of computing – Huawei Kunpeng cloud services and solutions”, which introduced the technology and innovation of Huawei Kunpeng cloud in coping with the challenges of the new era.
Devon developer salon -- UFIDA low code & Huawei AI special show held on July 31

Liu introduced that the current computing industry is in a period of change, and the computing architecture ushers in a golden age of innovation and development. Around the Kunpeng chip, Huawei cloud has built a complete ecosystem of web, middleware, database, application tools, operating system and so on, so Kunpeng cloud service was born.

Kunpeng cloud service builds a full stack Kunpeng cloud ecosystem through a Kunpeng community, 30 + technology ecology and 50 + industry ISV, covering 10 categories of services and 4 + scenario solutions, providing a full stack infrastructure from chip, intelligent data center to cloud OS. Kunpeng cloud service realizes diversified computing, high-performance, energy-efficient and end-to-side cloud collaboration. It has the technical features of container service, mixed deployment, senseless migration and fast AI container, and provides users with Huawei cloud one-stop application management platform.

UFIDA and Huawei are highly complementary in enterprise cloud service business. The former’s application software ecology and the latter’s ICT ecology can be perfectly integrated to bring more opportunities to their respective ecological partners. Yonbuilder, UFIDA’s latest enterprise low code development platform, is built based on Huawei kunpengyun’s underlying technology, which is also an important step on the road of close cooperation between the two sides at the core strategic level to jointly build a new IT system.

The Technology Salon of this developer competition has brought a full share of dry goods, fully demonstrating the cutting-edge exploration and technical advantages of UFIDA and Huawei cloud in the fields of low code development, AI development and cloud service. The second round of UFIDA · Huawei cloud cup developer competition has entered a hot competition stage. Together, UFIDA and Huawei cloud will help enterprises and users from all walks of life to gain a firm foothold in the wave of change and transformation, shape a leading edge, and jointly create a prosperous new era of cloud.