Development plug-in collection

  1. Day.js, the 2KB lightweight solution of moment.js, has the same powerful API
  2. Filesaver.js, HTML5 file saving
  3. Html2canvas, screenshots with JavaScript, HTML to canvas
  4. SimpleMDE Markdown Editor
  5. Layui, open source modular front-end UI framework
  6. Betterscroll 2.0, mobile scrolling plug-in
  7. Ucharts high performance cross end charts
  8. JQuery plug-in library
  9. HTML5 Boilerplate: The web’s most popular front-end template
  10. Layui standalone components
  11. JQuery House – freely share the plug-in libraries of jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3
  12. Web front end · URL navigation
  13. Front end people’s Club
  14. HTML5+ API Reference
  15. Ucharts high performance cross end charts
  16. Node.js historical version download – Taobao
  17. Download node.js historical version
  18. Swiper API
  19. Umijs – plug-in enterprise front-end application framework
  20. Quasar framework Chinese website

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go defer panic recover

Golang does not have the exception handling structure of try… Catch… But uses defer, panic and recover to handle exceptions. 1. Defer, which literally means delay and postponement, is to delay the method behind defer until the method wrapping the method returns for execution.       From the above code, we can see that defer […]