Development and solution of takeout ordering app


If e-commerce has subverted people’s shopping habits, micro blog has subverted the track of mass communication, and the Internet box has subverted your living room, what will be the next Internet subversion? The answer will probably return to the topic we are going to talk about today, namely o2o, a traditional service industry with a market of nearly one trillion yuan. Next, we will explore the right way to open takeout o2o with you.

Development and solution of takeout ordering app

1: Ordering app has been integrated into our daily life.

And you have thought that when you come to work in a brand new company and plan to order a takeaway, you take out your mobile phone and open “are you hungry, meituan takeout” to check the nearby shops. What will be the first thing that comes into your eyes? current? The best? Most praised? The answers are all wrong. The takeout platform chooses the bidding ranking mode, that is, the recommended merchants near the home page of the website or the client are sold. Businesses can buy by bidding. The higher the bid, the higher the ranking, and the greater the exposure. The advantages are obvious, that is, the takeout platform has finally ended the burn in subsidy mode, and has ushered in the burning of money in the competition advertising space, and finally can enjoy the benefits of the profit. The disadvantages are also obvious. On the one hand, businesses complain that the overall operating costs have risen significantly; on the other hand, unlicensed restaurants are also criticized.

There is nothing wrong with the takeout platform to make a profit. Of course, it is acceptable to charge business promotion fees appropriately. However, there is a premise that has to be said. As the root of the people’s livelihood, takeout o2o is a way of life integrated into people’s life, and the quality of goods and services is the top priority. Even if you have the mentality of saving time and trouble, you will hope that the food you eat is guaranteed by quality. For example, the restaurant should at least be regular and hygienic, and then the delivery should be timely and not often delayed. Of course, under the premise of quality assurance, I also hope to be able to automatically recommend some businesses that I may like, like Taobao, so as to avoid the pain of searching and reduce the time investment.

2: The right way to open takeout o2o

First of all, it should be quality assurance. Cooperate with the national food safety department to screen and verify the cooperative businesses to ensure the safety of catering and make users feel at ease. Secondly, it emphasizes the user experience and considers it from the user’s point of view, starting from the details and running through every detail. Third, make full use of the mobile Internet, make good consumption records according to the user’s identity characteristics, use the mobile Internet to tailor for customers, build accurate user preference model, carry out personalized matching between users and businesses, accurately recommend businesses to users, and improve the delivery experience of users. Finally, with the above three points as the premise of accumulation, high-quality businesses are bound to have enough orders as a guarantee. In turn, it is acceptable for businesses to charge certain promotion fees and users to charge appropriate distribution fees.

Development and solution of takeout ordering app

3: O2o behind the perceptual economic system

Perceptual economy (perceptual demand), in short, is a business model that serves people’s emotions. Core: pay attention to details in operation and creativity in marketing. For example, what Starbucks sells is not coffee, but a lifestyle of leisure and taste.

Starbucks has opened its first store in Beijing since 1999. Now it has more than 1000 stores in over 60 China City, and has successfully established the leading position in the quality coffee industry. Computer with one cup of coffee and one afternoon will make Mo Mingqi feel a sense of superiority.

The emergence of perceptual consumption makes enterprises not only stay in the traditional production oriented marketing concept. Taking Starbucks as an example, Starbucks “creates demand” strategy and establishes ecological marketing. Starbucks has successfully deployed o2o, specifically as follows: social network promotes brand and promotes consumption; online community listens to customers and improves service; free network adheres to customers and attracts consumption; o2o new exploration in mobile Internet Era: mobile client + mobile payment.

As a social leader of American catering enterprises, Starbucks has paid a lot of energy in o2o exploration. Although it has gone through many difficulties, it has finally achieved success. The all-round layout and careful and creative operation of online and offline businesses are worthy of our reference. Starbucks’s numerous offline branches and online full platform operations are its o2o layout. Branch stores occupy offline resources and are responsible for providing customers with the best quality coffee and service. Online is “official website + Social Network + online community”, plus mobile client and mobile payment, which constitutes a comprehensive online layout. In addition, Starbucks pays attention to details in operation, creativity in marketing, details of user experience, careful discovery of user needs and action. In marketing, they pay attention to creativity and entertainment, which makes them stand out in the fierce online marketing war.

For takeaway o2o, it is not only necessary for takeout o2o system to guide users actively and actively, but also to emphasize user experience and pay attention to details. More importantly, it is necessary to develop customers’ internal needs through effective forms of emotion and products, combined with innovation and creativity, and truly put into action to provide users with the best quality goods and services.

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