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Abstract:The branch of developers is dedicated to helping developers learn and understand the latest technologies of Alibaba cloud, and designing a full range of technological growth and advancement paths for developers.

The activity of hi shopping season on Alibaba cloud in 2019 has been officially launched on February 25. From the opened activity page, the activity is divided into three stages:
From February 25 to March 4, the stage of activity registration, from March 4 to March 16, the stage of new purchase full refund + 5% off rush purchase, from March 16 to March 31, the stage of renewal bonus + 5% off rush purchase.

Core highlights:

As the most mysterious venue of Alibaba cloud hi shopping season, the developer branch venue will be open on March 16. Next, the editor of yunqi community will share the strategies of the venue for all developers:
Activity position of developer branch
Key words: learning, growth, advanced
The developer branch is dedicated to helping developers learn and understand the latest technologies of Alibaba cloud, and designing a comprehensive technological growth and advancement path for developers.
The sub venues for developers include eight technical scenarios: small and micro projects, developer tools, Alibaba open source, mobile development, enterprise R & D efficiency, machine learning, learning and certification exchange, technical influence & crowdsourcing platform.
From individual developers to enterprise developers, to the creation of technical influence, the developer branch provides developers with one-stop developer services and massive free resources download!

Developer Conference link: UTM ﹣ content = g ﹣ 1000046885

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The following editor will take you to understand each developer scenario one by one:

1. Small and micro projects

Small and micro projects provide domain name registration, trademark services, website deployment and other services to help users quickly build applications on Alibaba cloud.

Domain name registration

Internet application starts from domain name. High memory domain name is not only the “doorplate” to attract users to visit the website, but also the “business place” of e-commerce. Alibaba cloud’s brand Wannet domain name registration is No.1 in the domestic market. At present, more than 40 million domain names are registered in Wannet. Wannet provides users with fast, stable, easy-to-use, safe and cost-effective domain name services. At present, it can support domain name registration, domain name transaction, domain name reservation, domain name transfer, domain name cloud resolution and other services. Help users to query intelligently, register quickly, manage domain name easily through powerful domain name self-service platform, and provide unique privacy protection, security lock, self inspection service, as well as intimate reminder of renewal upon expiration, so as to protect users’ domain name in an all-round way.

Trademark registration

The trademark registration process includes 8 steps, such as order creation, material review, submission to the Trademark Office, receipt, acceptance, preliminary review announcement, registration announcement, and certificate issuance. Alibaba cloud trademark registration service, providing one-stop standard service, applying as soon as 1 minute, and mastering the application progress in real time. Users can choose self-service registration application, expert assistance application and guarantee registration application according to their own situation. At the same time, Alibaba cloud also provides trademark renewal application and trademark data monitoring services. At present, users can experience trademark data monitoring services for free.

Website deployment

Alibaba cloud provides customized website building services, 1v1 website planning and design, customized to create the enterprise Internet image visualization management background convenient maintenance, and supports software cloud. Alibaba cloud provides thousands of templates, covering logistics, chemical industry, intellectual property services, educational institutions, energy equipment, etc. Integrated 41 controls, users can match at will. Zero foundation students can also build stations, and easily build apps, small programs, e-commerce websites, cloud computing architecture, etc. At the same time, according to the needs of users, we choose personalized website customization development.

2. Developer tools

Alicloud SDK platform

By calling the alicloud SDK, users can access multiple alicloud services, such as ECs, RDS, and cloud monitoring, without complex programming. Alibaba cloud SDK platform provides SDK related to the whole product line, including Java SDK, go SDK, C SDK, python SDK, node.js SDK, ruby SDK, PHP SDK, Android SDK,. Net SDK, IOS SDK, etc.

Alicloud API platform

Alicloud provides rich APIs for users to use. Users can query the cloud product API documents online, debug the online interface, generate the corresponding SDK demo code synchronously, and integrate the API documents. In addition, Alibaba cloud recommends industry application APIs and customized API solutions, such as general character recognition, image face detection, image character recognition APIs, etc., which can support a large number of enterprise wide applications and facilitate users to call them quickly.

3. Alibaba open source

Alibaba’s technical architecture has been exposed for the first time, providing 25 open source libraries.

  • Large front end layerOpen source libraries include weex, ice, vlayout, arouler, atals, andfix.
  • Micro service layerIncluding service discovery, configuration management, service management platform Nacos, distributed data flow platform, rocketmq, one-stop solution for microservice development spring cloud Alibaba, distributed thing solution fescar, microservice architecture solution Dubbo, control flow component sentinel.
  • Open source databaseThere are relational database alisql, relational data distributed processing system Cobar, data transmission and synchronization services otter, canal, dataX, and big data visualization chart library bizcharts.
  • RuntimeYou can use the P2P image distribution tool dragonfly and the enterprise rich container engine pouchcontainer.
  • Operating system layerThe open source product is alikernel.

4. Mobile development

The enterprise mobile application studio (EMAS) of Alibaba cloud is oriented to the enterprise service market. It is expected to open to users the Devops R & D support capability, mobile app and basic middleware capability that Alibaba mobile Internet has accumulated in the mobile Internet industry in the past decade. The purpose of EMAS platform is to provide one-stop mobile development solutions to help traditional enterprises quickly complete the transformation and upgrading objectives of business mobility.
The services provided by EMAS cover the component services of the whole life cycle of mobile app R & D, and provide operation and maintenance services such as app internal feedback, business line analysis, user message promotion, etc. In addition, it also includes app real machine automatic test, online app quality and performance implementation analysis services. Help developers to solve the pain points of traffic hijacking and online problem repair encountered in the R & D stage. At present, Alibaba cloud mobile development service users include catwalk, headlines, CCTV, China Ping An, auto home and other domestic well-known enterprises. Alibaba cloud provides developers with several different mobile development packages, including free version, basic version, standard version and advanced version. Developers can choose on demand.

5. R & D Efficiency

Cloud effect, a one-stop enterprise collaborative R & D cloud, originated from Alibaba’s many years of advanced management concepts and engineering practices, provides end-to-end collaborative services and R & D tool support from “demand – > development – > test – > release – > operation and maintenance – > operation”. Cloud effect covers one-stop enterprise R & D collaborative cloud service in project collaboration domain, R & D domain, test domain and operation and maintenance domain. At present, cloud efficiency mainly serves enterprise roles such as enterprise management, business leader, R & D Engineer, test engineer, PM / PMO, ScrumMaster, etc. Cloud effect is committed to making collaboration easier and delivery more efficient. Cloud effect provides users with project management, continuous delivery, code hosting, automatic testing, intelligent operation and maintenance services.

6. Machine learning

Alibaba cloud platform for machine learning and deep learning (PAI) provides more than 100 algorithms and large-scale distributed computing services for traditional machine learning, covering regression, classification, clustering, text analysis and other algorithms. It can provide distributed computing capability for enterprises and easily realize large-scale data processing. Provide high cost-effective resource services of single machine multi card and multi machine multi card for deep learning customers, support the latest deep learning open source framework, and provide Alibaba cloud’s deep optimized tensorflow, with better performance and speed. It can help developers and enterprise customers to expand and shrink computing resources flexibly, easily realize online prediction services, provide visual operation interface, and drag algorithm component splicing experiment by pull and pull. One stop service, including data cleaning, feature engineering, machine learning algorithm, evaluation, online prediction and offline scheduling, can be experienced in the machine learning platform (PAI).

Pai pan recommended solution Quartet

Alibaba cloud machine learning Pai products in order to help different enterprises quickly realize the application of personalized recommendation, launched a technical solution with the difficulty coefficient from shallow to deep.
Scheme 1: streaming algorithm recommendation based on online learning (free test invitation)
Scheme 2: recommendation based on the deep learning model wide & deep (50% off in limited time)
Scheme 3: recommendation based on collaborative filtering algorithm
Scheme 4: recommendation based on object features
All of the above schemes have been embedded into Pai products through the model demo.

Machine learning application practice

Alibaba cloud machine learning platform Pai provides a variety of industry application practice cases to help enterprises solve their pain points.

  • Sina micro-blog

Maxcompute + Pai: in the face of the current large-scale data volume, provide algorithms supporting 10 billion feature dimensions, and improve the platform’s algorithm processing ability.

  • Converging marketing

Dataworks + Pai + analyticdb + maxcompute: provide efficient and low-cost mass data analysis, real-time data query analysis, and accurate advertising marketing.

  • PING++

Maxcompute + Pai: data analysis and business innovation for massive data to improve user stickiness and build a safe, reliable and stable big data platform.

  • Celestica fund

Maxcompute + Pai: in the face of multi-user scenarios, improve data clearing efficiency and reduce costs. Recommend products for users, analyze images and identify sensitive data.

7. Learning and certification exchange

Cloud University

Alibaba cloud University, as a platform for Alibaba cloud pan cloud ecological talent training, aims to make full use of the college based teaching method and combine the characteristics and advantages of the Internet to provide users with a rigorous and systematic course and experimental environment. Senior industry expert guidance + Alibaba cloud real environment practice, online tutoring for certified lecturers, online service for class teaching assistants. At present, it includes cloud computing, big data analysis, big data development, cloud security, artificial intelligence, etc. In addition, more than 100 free courses, including cloud computing, big data, programming language and Internet of things (IOT) industry hot technologies, are selected to help students get started. The cloud University Open Lab also provides real cloud environment, high-quality experimental projects and detailed experimental documents to help users quickly get started and master Alibaba cloud products.

Yunqi community

Yunqi community is an open technology platform for developers. From Alibaba cloud, serving the whole ecosystem of cloud computing technology. Including blog, Q & A, training, design and development, resource download and other products, to share professional, high-quality, efficient technology as its own responsibility. Provide alicloud’s latest technology activities, resource sharing, live courses, offline salons, expert sharing and other content.

8. Technology influence MVP & cloud crowdsourcing platform

Ali cloud MVP

Alibaba cloud’s most valuable expert, referred to as MVP (most valuable professional), is a technical practice leader who focuses on helping others fully understand and use Alibaba cloud. At present, Alibaba cloud has 419 MVP members from 26 countries around the world. Alibaba cloud MVP is divided into four levels: primary level, gold, platinum and masonry. The rights and interests available include 11 kinds of rights and interests, such as MVP customized gift package, exclusive service rights, face-to-face Alibaba cloud experts, official activities of Alibaba cloud, global annual summit (targeted invitation), nomination of Alibaba cloud maker competition, visit to Alibaba headquarters, MVP laboratory, tickets to the City Summit of cloud habitat conference, lecturer invitation of cloud habitat conference and global technology tourism. Primary MVP can immediately enjoy the first six kinds of rights and interests, and increase two rights and interests level by level. At the same time, Alibaba cloud MVP members will also teach users how to use Alibaba cloud by sharing their own industry digital transformation practice and technology dry goods, and reflect the voice of developers on Alibaba cloud’s technology roadmap.

Cloud crowdsourcing platform

Alibaba cloud crowdsourcing platform is a sub channel (Zhongbao. Aliyun. Com) under Alibaba cloud website. It is a network platform for the transaction of products, technologies or services provided by Alibaba cloud. The demand side (buyer) issues the project demand, the alicloud certification service provider (seller) receives the order and completes the project development, and the demand side completes the transaction after the project acceptance. At present, crowdsourcing platform has eight fairs, including website construction, software development, cloud service and consulting, office software, enterprise service, design, marketing and big data. For the users of crowdsourcing platform, it only takes 1 minute to release the demand, from demand sorting to completion of after-sales service to provide you with a full range of services. Alibaba cloud has a complete set of guarantee system from pre-sales, trading to after-sales, which makes it focus on the choice of products and services rather than the concerns about trading.

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