Developed on M1 Mac NET MAUI (iOS)


Get started on M1 Mac Net Maui development (IOS).

. net multi platform application UI (. Net Maui) is a cross platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop applications using c# and XAML that can run on Android, IOS, MacOS, and windows from a single shared code base.

1. Install MacOS arm64 on M1 Mac NET SDK。

Alternatively, you can install visual studio 2022 for Mac preview. However, at present, the latest version does not support direct operation. It prompts that the runtime does not match, and the information displayed is xamarin XXX.

2. Use dotnet cli to install NET MAUI workload 。 Start the terminal and enter the following:

dotnet workload install maui

Note – you may need to prefix the command with “sudo” to enable the necessary security permissions.

Check that the Maui workload was successfully installed.

dotnet workload list

3. Create a new folder and a new Maui application.

mkdir MyMauiApp
cd MyMauiApp
dotnet new maui

4. Run Maui application in IOS simulator.

dotnet build -t:Run -f net6.0-ios

5. Install visual studio code for Mac.

6. Start visual studio code and open the “mymauiapp” folder to view the source code.

7. Others

Run maccatalyst

dotnet run --framework net6.0-maccatalyst

Run Android

dotnet run --framework net6.0-android

Reference from

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Developed on M1 Mac NET MAUI (iOS)

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