Deveexpress + WinForm



The application of chart control.


Choose a chart type without considering the superposition of various charts.


Bind data and set abscissa and ordinate.

private void XtraForm1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
       Series series = this.chartControl1.Series[0];
       DataTable table = new DataTable();
       var row = table.NewRow();
       Row ["class"] = class 1;
       row["TotalGrade"] = 5190;
       var row1 = table.NewRow();
       Row1 ["class"] = class 2;
       row1["TotalGrade"] = 3776;

       series.DataSource = table;
       //Set abscissa
       series.ArgumentDataMember = "Class"; 
       //Set ordinate
       series.ValueDataMembers[0] = "TotalGrade";


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