Deveexpress + WinForm (2)


Invincible fuzzy learning video:

Episode 3: implement a page and create a new deveexpress WinForm blankapplication.


  • Using ribboncontrol, add several groups of pagegroups. Pagegroup adds several items and pagegroup sets text. Set largeimage or image (old version lageglyph, glyph) for each item. When you want to display image, you should clear largeimage. Item set the buttonstyle. Item set caption.


  • Implement skin settings and add ribbongallerybaritem. The skin is initialized in the background.


 private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
     SkinHelper.InitSkinGallery(ribbonGalleryBarItem1, true);
  • Implementation of the bottom status bar. Drag the ribbon status bar to add a barstaticitem and set the caption of the item.


  • In the sidebar, drag navbarcontrol to set its dock property. Right click addgroup and addItem. Set the caption of the group. Set the caption and image of the item.


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