Deveco studio 2.0 is designed for “efficient development” of cross end applications


On December 16, the much anticipated beta version of harmonyos 2.0 was officially released in Beijing. At the same time, as a supporting ide tool for the beta version of mobile developers, Huawei deveeco studio 2.0 beta 3 also upgrades relevant features and functions for mobile phones, so that we can develop cross end applications more efficiently and conveniently.

Deveco studio 2.0 is designed for

Huawei deveco studio is a one-stop integrated development environment for 1 + 8 + n full scene and pan terminal built by Huawei. In September 2020, HDC released version 2.0 beta1, which already has the end-to-end harmonic OS application development services such as project template creation, code editing, compilation and construction, remote simulation debugging, and release. A series of exciting new features have been added to the update of beta3 in December.

1. Add 9 mobile engineering templates

Deveco studio 2.0 is designed for

Huawei deveco studio 2.0 beta 3 adds 24 project templates supporting phone and tablet in the original project template library of car, TV, wearable, Lite wearable and smart vision devices, including 9 project templates for common scenarios of mobile phones, including news, shopping, list and tab. Through the preset project template, you can quickly start with the common application types and avoid starting from scratch, thus reducing the workload and threshold of application development.

2. Add Java UI framework layout interface real-time preview

Deveco studio 2.0 is designed for

Huawei deveco studio 2.0 provides a powerful previewer. It adopts advanced running preview technology. You can preview on multiple devices, and support one interface layout file to present effects on different devices. In November, the beta 2 version of deveeco studio 2.0 already supports the real-time layout preview of JS UI framework. This time, for the development of supporting mobile applications, beta 3 newly supports the layout preview of Java UI framework, so that the development of mobile cross end applications can also be handy.

The new Java UI framework supports Java UI and XML layout. You can view the layout effect of the application interface in real time. In addition, if you want to adjust the UI code at any time, you can click, slide and other interactive operations in the preview interface in real time to double the efficiency of front-end development.

3. Add mobile phone remote simulator

Deveco studio 2.0 is designed for

Huawei deveco studio 2.0 beta 3 adds remote simulators for mobile phone and tablet devices on the basis of existing remote simulators for car, smart screen and smart wearable devices, which further enriches the resources of multi device simulators and enables you to debug applications with lower threshold.

4. Online distributed debugging

Deveco studio 2.0 is designed for

The powerful distributed debugging function of devoeco studio 2.0 was previewed at the HDC conference in September 2020. Now in the beta 3 version in December, this function is finally on the line. The so-called distributed debugging function or cross end debugging function means that when your project contains multiple device modules, such as device a and device B, you can add breakpoints in device a module, and device B module can directly and seamlessly “step into” the associated function of device B from the function of device a module in the debugging process without adding any breakpoints.

At present, beta 3 only supports real machines for distributed debugging. It is expected that the next beta version will be able to play on the remote simulator.

In addition, distributed debugging also supports JS / Java cross language hybrid debugging. For the debugging scenario of JS FA calling Java PA, you can quickly find and solve the problems related to JS FA calling Java pa by entering Java breakpoints through the code line of JS FA calling Java FA or Java PA related code.

5. Mac version function enhancement:

Devoeco studio 2.0 beta2, launched on the official website of harmonic OS in November, has a Mac version. It supports Mac OS 10.13/10.14/10.15, but its function is relatively simple compared with that of windows. Many enhancements have been made to the Mac version of beta3 this time. After all, most mobile applications are developed with Mac OS.

The Mac version of beta3 has several key enhanced features, including: support for phone project template creation, support for JS application cross device preview, support for cross device distributed application debugging function, support for phone remote simulator, support for JS / Java language hybrid function.

Finally, you are welcome to download the beta 3 version of deveeco studio 2.0 from the application development website of harmonyos (developer. Harmonyos. Com). I believe it will bring you a different surprise!

Deveco studio 2.0 is designed for