Determinants of render display hierarchy


Priority of determinants:

# Camera.depth
#Positionz (when depth test is on)
# SortingLayer
# OrderInLayer
#Render queue for shader


The depth of the camera is large and always appears in front, regardless of other parameters.

When depth is the same, postionz is always displayed in front of the camera.

When positionz is the same, the sortinglayer is always displayed in front.

When sortinglayer is the same, orderinlayer is always displayed in front.

When the orderinlayer is the same, the larger of the render queue is always displayed in front.


[note here]

#The above order requires that the render queue be located in both [0, 2500] and [2501, 5000]

#If the render queue of one shader is located at [0, 2500] and the render queue of another shader is located at [2501, 5000], the priority will become as follows:

(#) Camera.depth
(#) positionz (when depth test is on)
(#) render queue in [2501, 5000] is always displayed in front of [0, 2500]


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