Detect and install ADT plug-ins in eclipse



Help — > install new software will pop up an interface. At the bottom of the program, there is a “what’s already installed”. Click it to pop up an interface. By default, all installed plug-ins will be listed in the first tab “integrated software”. If you see “Android development tools” in the “name” column, it means that ADT has been installed, The second column is ADTVersion number

Another simple viewing method is menu – > window, the penultimate item, which is the previous item of preferences. If it is “Android SDK and adv manager”, it also means that ADT has been installed



The installation only needs a path pair. In addition, the path should not contain Chinese. Please see offline installation. Remember to restart eclipse

1、 The installation steps are as follows:   

   1. Online installation (FQ is required and takes a long time)

2. Offline installationReference website:
Baidu Experience:
First, download the ADT plug-in package on the Internet. The website link is as follows:

After downloading

2、 Successful installation test:
1) . after installing the ADT plug-in, close eclipse and restart.
2) . open file - > new to see if the Android project option appears. Don't worry if it doesn't appear, and then click the other... Option,
Check whether there is Android option under the general option. If yes, the installation is successful. If not, the installation fails.