Detailed tutorial on permanent activation of Chinese version of MathWorks matlab r2021a (including download + key)


matlab2021aIt is a very professional and powerful commercial mathematics software created by MathWorks, a well-known enterprise in the United States. It is the latest version of Matlab series software. It is suitable for users majoring in Applied Mathematics, information and computing, communication engineering, electrical engineering and automation. It can easily create intuitive mathematical modeling and better solve calculation and simulation problems for you, It is one of the indispensable tools for many experts in the field of mathematics. The software can be said to be an advanced technical computing language and modern data analysis artifact. Compared with the familiar Java and C programming languages, the software can greatly simplify the development process of the algorithm, use its kernel to integrate with the above programming languages, so that users can execute relevant designs faster. In addition, matlab2021 software can be used to solve the problems of LAPACK and Blas linear algebra. It has functions for numerical solutions of polynomials, basic statistics and differential equations. It has built-in rich visualization tools, which makes your operation much easier.

The new matlab2021a has brought many improvements and new functions. It has a new real-time editing function in the real-time Editor section, which can open other real-time scripts in the form of hyperlinks. This editor can be used to create matlab scripts and functions, and has new icon attributes, comparison tools and custom UI components in app construction, Users can now see improved toolbar buttons and switching tools, and can fully customize their own classes. In addition, the software also adds readstruct and writestruct functions, which can be used for users to read and write XML file data. In terms of performance, it enhances the performance of constructing sparse banded matrix and creating a large number of nodes in the tree, making a qualitative leap in the code speed of users running MATLAB.

Software name:
MathWorks matlab r2021a (9.10) Chinese perfect Authorized Version (with activation patch + steps) win64
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Update time:
2021-03-12Download now

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MathWorks MATLAB R2021a中文破解版

Matlab 2021a cracked version installation tutorial:

1. Download and decompress the compressed package provided by the website (decompression password: 0daydown) to obtain the MathWorks matlab r2021a IOS image file and crack cracking folder;

2. Win7 needs to unzip the image file. Win10 can be opened directly. Click “setup. Exe” to start installation;

3. Click the advanced option in the upper right corner and select “I have file installation key”;

4. Agree to the installation terms and choose the next step;

5. Users who need to use FIK can enter the file installation secret key “09806-07443-53955-64350-21751-41297” and click next.

PS: if you need to use matlab server, you can enter the file installation secret key “40236-45817-26714-51426-39281” and click next

6. When you are asked to “select a license file”, select license LIC is activated;

7. Select the installation path according to the requirements;

8. Please deselect the component “matlab parallel server”, then select the required component installation, and follow the prompts to complete the installation;

Please pay attention to WeChat official account: programmer software library, or scan the official account number below the two-dimensional code, reply.767242】Get what you want for free

9. Copy 3 licenses of the cracked file to the software installation directory to overwrite the original file (if there is no license folder, create a new one);

Default path: C: \ program files \ polyspace \ r2021a \ license\

10. Copy the crack file libmwlmgimpl DLL to the software installation directory to overwrite the original file;

Default path: C: \ program files \ polyspace \ r2021a \ bin \ win64 \ matlab_ startup_ plugins\lmgrimpl

11. Well, the above is the installation tutorial of MathWorks matlab r2021a Chinese cracked version. Open the software for free.

New features of MATLAB 2021a

1. Real time editor

Use the MATLAB real-time editor to create matlab scripts and functions in the form of executable Notepad, in which the code, output and formatted text are integrated.

New IOS based real-time editor: create, edit and run real-time scripts using MATLAB mobile on iPhone or iPad

New real-time editor: use the real-time script hyperlink to open another real-time script

Export to standard format: save live scripts and functions individually or in batches as PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, and latex

Real time tasks: use the real-time editor to explore task parameters, view results, and automatically generate code

Run tests in the real-time editor: run tests directly from the real-time editor toolbar

Hidden code: hides code when sharing and exporting live scripts

View all enhancements to the MATLAB environment

Live demonstration of real-time editor features, including creating a notebook, sharing results with others, and writing code faster.

2. App build

App design tools help you create professional apps without requiring a professional background in software development.

New icon attribute: specify custom icons for buttons and switching tools in UI window and toolbar

New comparison tool: compare and merge apps created with app design tool

New custom UI components: create your own classes to make Composite UI components containing algorithms, graphics and UI objects

New exportapp and getframe functions: collect and save app images

Uicontextmenu function: add and configure context menus in apps created by app designer and uifigure based apps

Uitoolbar function: add custom toolbars to apps created by app designer and uifigure based apps

Uihtml function: add HTML, JavaScript or CSS content to the app

3. Data import and analysis

Access, organize, clean up, and analyze data from multiple data sources.

New readstruct and writestruct functions: read and write structured data in XML files

Optimization tasks in the new real-time editor: creating and solving optimization problems interactively

New arraydatastore object: create a data store from data in memory

Real time editor task: preprocess data, operation table and schedule interactively through the task, and automatically generate matlab code

Grouping workflow: use grouptransform, groupcounts, and groupfilter to perform group based operations

Data type I / O: use special functions to read and write matrices, cell arrays, and schedules

Parquet file support: read and write a single parquet file or a large collection of parquet files

4. Data visualization

Visualize your data with new drawing functions and custom features.

New bubblechart, bubblechart3, and polar bubblechart functions: create bubble charts using 2D, 3D, and polar coordinates

New swarm chart function: visualizing the distribution of discrete data

New title, subtitle, and axis labels: add subtitles to the drawing and align the title and axis labels with the drawing box

Boxchart function: creates a boxchart to visualize grouped numerical data

Exportgraphics and copygraphics functions: save and copy graphics, enhancing support for publishing workflows

Tiledlayout function: locate, nest, and change the grid size of the layout

Chart container class: creates a graph that tiles Cartesian, polar, or geographic maps

5. Big data

Easily expand big data analysis without fighting.

Data store write: write out large data sets in the data store to disk for data engineering and file based workflow

Custom tall array: write a custom algorithm to calculate the tall array based on blocks or sliding windows

Functions supporting tall array: support tall array in more functions, including innerjoin, outerjoin, xcorr, SVD and wordcloud

Custom data storage: use the custom data storage framework to read Hadoop based databases

Filedatastore object: read a large custom format file by importing it into smaller parts

Data storage: combining and transforming data storage

6. Language and programming

Use new data types and language constructs to write code that runs faster, has a clearer structure and is easier to maintain.

New pattern object: creates a pattern for searching text in a string

File encoding: UTF-8 encoding is adopted by default, which enhances the support of MATLAB files for non ASCII character sets and their cross platform compatibility

Function input parameter validation: Declare Function input parameters to simplify input error checking

Hexadecimal and binary numbers: use hexadecimal and binary literals to specify numbers

7. Performance

In just five years, the running speed of matlab code has more than doubled. Speed up without any code changes.

New spdiags function: enhanced the performance of constructing sparse banded matrix

New uitree function: enhanced performance when creating a large number of nodes in the tree

New uilistbox function: enhanced performance when setting multiple items in the list box

Profiler: use flame diagram to intuitively study and improve the execution performance of code

Real time editor: enhanced loop and animation performance

Assignment in large arrays: performance is improved when large table, datetime, duration or calendarduration arrays are indexed by subscripts and elements are assigned

Large matrix sorting: use sortrows to sort rows of large matrices faster

8. Software development

Software development tools help you manage and test code, integrate other software systems, and deploy applications to the cloud.

New Python: starting and stopping the Python interpreter from a matlab session

New code compatibility report: the code compatibility report warns against unsupported features

New unit testing framework: running tests in parallel on clusters and clouds

Execute Python out of process: execute Python functions out of process to avoid library conflicts

Engineering: organize work, automate tasks and processes, and cooperate with teams

C + + interface: call C + + library functions from MATLAB

Jenkins plug-in for MATLAB: run matlab tests and generate test reports in JUnit, tap and other formats and cobertura code coverage reports

New reference architecture: deploying and running matlab on Amazon Web services (AWS) and Microsoft azure

9. Control hardware

Control common microcontrollers such as Arduino and raspberry PI, collect images through webcam, and obtain UAV sensor data and image data.

New Arduino: Arduino engineering kit revision 2 has been included in the Arduino support package

New raspberry PI matlab online CodeGen

New capture webcam image real-time editor task: interactive capture webcam image

New IP Camera: support decoding H.264 video stream in IP camera

New sensor support: use bno055 sensor combined with sensor fusion and tracking toolbox and navigation toolbox to estimate direction

UAV support: use matlab to control Ryze Tello UAV and obtain sensor and image data

Arduino: use MCP2515 can bus mask to access can bus data

Low power Bluetooth: read / write ble device

What is matlab?

Matlab is an advanced technical computing language, interactive algorithm development environment and modern data analysis tool. With traditional programming languages (C / C + +, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN), matlab can reduce the time to solve typical problems by one order of magnitude and greatly simplify the development of new algorithms. MATLAB is the basis of the whole MathWorks product series and the main tool to solve a series of scientific and application problems. These fields include: object modeling and control system development, communication system design, and information technology Signal and image processing, signal measurement and testing, financial modeling, computational biology, etc.

Using the MATLAB kernel, the matrix of real, complex and analytical data types can be handled as easily as possible. It contains built-in functions for Linear Algebra (LAPACK, Blas), fast Fourier transform (fftw), functions for polynomials, and functions for basic statistics and numerical solutions of differential equations. All built-in matlab kernel functions are designed and optimized by experts and can be executed faster or in an equivalent manner to C / C + +.

The above is the detailed tutorial on permanent activation of MathWorks matlab r2021a Chinese version brought by Xiaobian. I hope it will be helpful to you. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer for more content.