Detailed tutorial of BZZ mining swarm miner configuration scheme


1、 BZZ introduction and Prospect Analysis
Recently, BZZ’s nodes are in full swing, and its popularity is no less than that of fil and XCH. Where is BZZ sacred and what does it have to do with swarm?

A: first of all, swarm is an official part of the Ethereum project. It is mainly invested and developed by the Ethereum foundation. It allows mine pool storage, bandwidth and computing resources to support applications based on Ethereum network. From the beginning, it was considered as one of the three pillars of Web 3.0 components together with Ethereum and whisper.
Detailed tutorial of BZZ mining swarm miner configuration scheme
Swarm team tries to create a point-to-point storage and service solution with non-stop, zero failure and anti censorship, adopts different protocols and technologies in Ethereum blockchain, and creates an economic incentive system within swarm, which will promote the payment and transfer of resource exchange value. It can be said that the existence of swarm enables the Internet to be decentralized again, laying the foundation for opening Web 3.0. In addition, according to its official disclosure, swarm’s long-term vision is to become a redistributed Internet operating system and provide a scalable and self-sustaining infrastructure for the supply chain economy of data.

It is worth mentioning that the swarm project was promoted by Ethereum founders vitalik buterin, Gavin wood and Jeffrey wilcke. The protocol labels BZZ and Shh of swarm were created by vitalik.

At the same time, swarm has been favored by many professional investment institutions, including Ethereum foundation, bitcoin Suisse, alphemy capital, bitscale capital, DFG, Kr1, hashkey, NGC venture, get capital, P2P capital, waterdrop capital, white paper capital and YBB Foundation Ltd.

BZZ token is a functional token of swarm. It is also used for bandwidth and storage incentives. The total number of BZZ tokens issued is 62.5 million. There is no lock mechanism. The official expects to start the main network in the second quarter of 2021 (around June). The relationship between BZZ and swarm is somewhat similar to IPFs and filecoin. The former is the excitation layer of the latter. Mining machine docking aacd314

2. As a track in the distributed storage industry, what are the unique advantages of swarm compared with filecoin?

A: first, by V God, the founder of eth, and Gavin wood, the founder of poca. The project created by two great gods of blockchain in the industry; People in the circle will not refuse. At least these two founders are reliable.

Second, compared with filecoin, which has been launched on the main network, swarm (BZZ) has the biggest advantage of having Ethereum ready-made intelligent contract ecological resources and ready-made effective thermal data storage. It can soon realize the value of its distributed storage, and all of them are active data.

Third, filecoin does not punish storage, while swarm punishes storage. The former leads to the proliferation of garbage content because there is no storage punishment mechanism. Even some filecoin miners deliberately create garbage content in order to improve their income, while the latter improves file availability and security through storage punishment.

Detailed tutorial of BZZ mining swarm miner configuration scheme

3. Swarm project highlights?
A: As mentioned earlier, “swarm is to provide data storage, bandwidth and other resource support for Ethereum applications”. In addition:

At present, the project is in the early testing stage, which can be deployed in advance and rewarded in advance.
The initial amount of BZZ is only 62.5 million. BZZ token is not only a functional token of swarm, but also used for bandwidth and storage rewards.
The storage section is at the same level as filecoin (IPFs) and benchmarked with filecoin.
It is funded by Ethereum foundation and has Ethereum blockchain endorsement.

4. What is the future of swarm? Why is it recognized by many leaders in the industry as the next “Heavenly King project”?

A: the reason why swarm is called the “Heavenly King project” can be seen from its official team and investment institutions. However, to evaluate the value of a project, the creation team is certainly a bonus item. However, the level of project achievement depends on its future scenario mapping.

As we all know, today’s data economy is the economy of modern society, and the economy itself is data. It is not difficult to predict that the data economy will bring a change to human society in the near future. At the same time, the growth of information is in the momentum of explosion. According to statistics, nearly 2.5 trillion bytes of data are generated every day in the world. In addition, due to the arrival of 5g and AI and the birth of massive data, if swarm can carry these and provide storage requirements, its circulation incentive BZZ node will become a medium to protect every piece of data and generate every data storage transaction, then its value is much greater than expected. Mining machine docking aacd314

If data is the upper limit of the future economy, then storage is the upper limit of data. In other words, the market value of the future data economy depends on the storage capacity. Moreover, as an official storage project launched by Ethereum, swarm has a natural first mover advantage in carrying Ethereum ecological data, which is one of the reasons why swarm has become a unicorn in the distributed storage industry.

Based on the optimistic outlook for swarm’s future, chaincore cloud securities has invested heavily in swarm mine, which is at the top of the industry in terms of storage scale and operation management.

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