Detailed steps for upgrading mysql8.0.11 to mysql8.0.17 under win2008


Upgrade background:

In order to solve the vulnerability of the lower version of MySQL, we upgraded from MySQL 5.5 to 8.0.11, and then to 8.0.17 (released on July 22, 2019)

Mysql8.0.10 and above, the installation steps are basically the same

After learning, we learned that:

There are two ways to upgrade MySQL: in situ upgrade and logical upgrade. There is no difference in essence between these two upgrading methods. It’s just that there are some differences in the processing of data files. In situ upgrade is to copy the data file directly, while the logical upgrade is to export and import the data file through logic, which needs mysqldump.

We all understand that logic upgrade takes a long time in the case of large amount of data. So today we’re going to talk about upgrading in place.

Upgrade in place:

1. Download the latest version of mysql8.0.17, address:

After decompression, the following is true: you will find that there is no data file and my.ini configuration file

2. The previous version of mysql8.0.11 data file and my.ini Copy the configuration file to mysql8.0.17

Note: the configuration file of mysql8.11 is consistent with that of mysql8.0.17, and there is no need to modify it.

3. Uninstall the existing mysql8.0.11 service

First stop the existing MySQL service, net stop mysql

Open the CMD window, enter the bin file path under mysql, and remove the MySQL service (mysql8.0 is my service name)

4. Add the service of mysql8.0.17 to the service queue of win, and start the MySQL service

You can see the latest version of mysql8.0.17 in win system service manager

Start mysql8.0.17 database, net start mysql8.0.17

5. Upgrade MySQL: MySQL_ Upgrade – uroot – P (the default database port for this command is 3306)

My port here is 3307, so execute the command: MySQL_ Upgrade – P 3307 – uroot – P, enter and enter the password of the last version of root

The upgrade speed depends on the size of the data directory

6. After the upgrade is successful, restart mysql8.0.17 service again

7. Install and upgrade mysql8.0.17.

Note: 1 > the previous settings are still valid, just log in according to the previous settings

2> If there are multiple database services on a computer, even if you stop the previous database service, when installing a new database, the executed configuration file may be changed to execute the database service that was stopped before. Delete the previous database service and the corresponding folder

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The above is the whole content of this article, I hope to help you learn, and I hope you can support developer more.

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