Detailed operation flow of win10 cleaning DNS cache


Win10 needs to clean the cache frequently. If you don’t clean the system for a long time, the system may become much slower, especially the DNS cache. How to clean it? Let’s introduce the list of win10’s operation process of cleaning the DNS cache. Come and have a look!

Cleaning method

Method 1:

1. Press Win + R to open the operation window, enter CMD and press enter,

2. Then enter ipconfig / flushdns, and press enter to see that the DNS resolution cache has been refreshed successfully,

3. After refreshing, run ipconfig / displaydns and press enter to see that the DNS resolution cache cannot be displayed, which means that the DNS cache has been cleaned up.

Method 2:

Enter the computer device manager, disable the network card, and then enable it.

The above are the two methods for clearing DNS cache in win10 system. After referring to the above method settings, we can normally access the web page. I hope it will be helpful to you. Please continue to pay attention to more contentsdeveloppaer

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