Detailed installation of mysql-8.0.15-winx64 decompressed version


1. Official website download


2. Unzip to the appropriate directory


3. Configuring environment variables

①、 path 





4. Create a new my.ini and open it in notepad. Copy the following code. You can’t initialize parameters without my.ini when the database starts.



Setting the default character set of MySQL client
Setting up port 3306
port = 3306 
Set up the installation directory of MySQL
basedir=D:\Software\Programming Software\Database\MySQL\mysql-8.0.15-winx64
Set up the storage directory of data in MySQL database
datadir=D:\Software\Programming Software\Database\MySQL\mysql-8.0.15-winx64\data
Maximum number of connections allowed
The character set used by the server defaults to 8-bit coded Latin1 character set
Default storage engine to be used when creating new tables


 5. Enter the bin directory of MySQL

In the command line window, enter: mysqld — install, return, prompt: Service successfully installed, indicating that the registration service was successful.


6. Open the CMD command window as an administrator. (Get the initial password, choose one or two)

First: Input mysqld — initialize command to initialize mysql’s data data directory. After initialization, a data folder will be generated under the decompressed directory. Under this folder, there is a file with the end of. err. When opened, there will be a random password.

The second is to use the mysqld — initialize — console command to generate random passwords


7. Start service: net start MySQL


8. Log in with a random password and modify the password: mysql-u root-p

9. Modify the login password’New password‘to replace the new password you need

Update password:
Update mysql. user set authentication_string = password (‘new password’) where user =’root’and Host =’localhost’;