Detailed explanation of Tomcat directory structure


Tomcat server is a free open source web application server, which belongs to lightweight application server. It is widely used in small and medium-sized systems and where there are not many concurrent users. It is the first choice for developing and debugging JSP programs. It is necessary to understand the Tomcat directory structure.

directory structure

The directory structure after decompressing Tomcat is shown in the figure below


Description of contents and documents

Bin directory

It is used to store batch and shell scripts such as start and stop of Tomcat


Conf directory

It is used to store the relevant configuration files of Tomcat


Lib directory

Tomcat server dependency Library Directory, which contains the lar package of Tomcat server running environment


Webapps directory

Tomcat default web application deployment directory


Temp directory

Store the temporary files generated by Tomcat in the process of running



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