Detailed explanation of the latest activation method of JetBrains clion on March 4, 2019


Details of the latest activation and Sinicization of JetBrains clion 2019Cross platform ide tools for C and C + +, intelligent C and C + + editors benefit from native C and C + + support, including modern C + + standards, libc + + and boost. Clion always understands your code and takes care of routines while paying attention to important issues. Instantly navigate to the declaration or context usage of a symbol, search for names, classes, files, or symbols throughout the project, and find your way through a code base with a structured and hierarchical view.

Today, we share with you the latest version of the activation method of JetBrains clion 2019. This activation tutorial uses the activation patch JetBrains- agent.jar Activation, real and effective, there are detailed activation tutorial and Chinese tutorial, like friends do not miss Oh!

Please use the real and effective activation patch and Chinese version patch; download address:

Software name:
C + + development tool JetBrains clion 2019.3.4 latest activation patch with installation tutorial
Software size:
Update time:
2020-02-19Download now
Software name:
JetBrains clion 2019.3.4 for win special activation Version (with registration code + Chinese patch)
Software size:
Update time:
2020-02-17Download now

Installation activation tutorial

1. After the developeppaer is downloaded and decompressed, you will get the activation patch and Chinese patch files, as shown in the figure below

2. Double click the installation program to enter the installation wizard and click next, as shown in the figure below

3. Select the software installation directory. The default directory is C: program files / JetBrains / clion, March 4, 2019, as shown in the figure below

4. Check create desktop shortcut, and click next, as shown in the figure

5. Select the start menu folder where you want to display program shortcuts. You can also enter a name to separate a new folder. As shown in the figure

6. Wait for the installation to complete, as shown in the figure

7. After the installation is completed, do not run the software, wait for the installation of activation patch and Chinese version patch, as shown in the figure below

8. Before installing the activation patch, first open the installation directory of the software. If you forget the installation directory of the software, please return to the desktop, find the shortcut icon of the software desktop, and right-click the icon. After the pop-up window appears, select “open file location” to obtain the file installation directory. As shown in the figure

9. Open the software installation directory to activate the patch JetBrains- agent.jar Copy to the bin folder of the software installation directory, as shown in the figure

10. Run the software and click OK, as shown in the figure

11. Set UL theme

12. Adjust your tasks

13. Download the plug-in

14. Choose 30 days free trial, as shown in the figure

15. Get 30 days free trial, as shown in the figure

16. Configuration tool chain

17. Select Settings – edit custom VM options ; as shown in the figure

18. Enter edit custom VM options The interface is shown in the figure

19. At this time, you need to copy – javaagent: copy the software installation directory here (under bin folder) JetBrains- agent.jar Enter to edit custom VM options The last line;

First find the software installation directory and copy the software installation directory (be sure to copy it to the bin folder), as shown in the figure


21. Copy the copied software installation directory to javaagent: and JetBrains- agent.jar Intermediate location, for example: – javaagent:C:\Program Files\JetBrains\CLion 2019.3.4\bin\jetbrains-agent.jar ;

Will- javaagent:C :\Program Files\JetBrains\CLion 2019.3.4\bin\jetbrains- agent.jar Input to the left back row, as shown in the figure

22. Click Save to save. As shown in the figure

23. Run the software, activate it, and get all permissions.

Chinese Course

1. Open the software installation directory to the Lib folder;

Copy the Chinese patch to the software installation directory;

Re run the software, as shown in the figure

Function introduction

Fully integrated C / C + + development environment

Clion works with cmake, gradle C + + and compiling database project models, using all the information there during code editing and refactoring.

Keyboard centered approach

To help you focus on code and improve productivity, clion has keyboard shortcuts for almost all functions, operations and commands.

One stop service

It includes everything you need for your daily development: all the popular VCs (subversion, GIT, GitHub, mercurial, CVs and perforce), Google test, for unit testing Boost.Test And catch framework, Doxygen and database tools.

Local and remote work

For embedded terminals, you can run any command without leaving the IDE: use SSH protocol locally or remotely.

After you edit the code locally, you can build, run, or debug your application or unit tests locally or remotely.

Code analysis update

The unused inclusions check is returned and updated again, allowing you to choose whether to actively perform the check. An updated version of the bundled clang tidy also brings you many new checks.

Debugger improvements

The debugger has done a lot of work in many different areas: from dozens of GDB fixes to memory view updates. MSVC debugger is now available in the windows debugger chain.

Embedded development

For embedded development, clion 2019.2 can use specific “run / debug” configuration for general debugging on chip with GDB server, and also has a “peripheral view” for arm devices.

New features of clion 2019

1. Support c language and C + + (including C + + 11, libc + + and boost).

2. Support JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS.

3. It can be used on 64 bit Linux, OS X and 64 bit Windows systems.

4. Support cmake.

5. Best in class code assist, including multiple cursors, smart fill and one click navigation.

6. Secure automatic refactoring code.

7. Code analysis function, ensure the quality of code, with quick repair function.

8. The integrated debugger has the function of “evaluating expression”, STL rendering, etc.

9. It integrates many popular control system versions, including subversion, GIT, GitHub, mercurial, CVs, perforce (through plug-ins) and TFs.

10. Embedded interrupt and VIM emulation mode (via plug-in).

The above is the latest version of JetBrains clion 2019 activation tutorial and Chinese tutorial compiled by developeppaer, which is real and effective.