Detailed explanation of steps for docker to build container visual interface


In order to solve the problem mentioned above, I found a very good visual interface management tool on the Internet

What is a container(open source lightweight)

As a graphical management tool of docker, container provides the following functions: status display panel, rapid deployment of application template, basic operation of container image network data volume (including uploading and downloading image, creating container, etc.), event log display, container console operation, centralized management and operation of swarm cluster and service, login user management and control, etc. The function is very comprehensive, which can basically meet all the requirements of small and medium-sized units for container management.

I use graphical management, application rapid deployment, time log display, container console operation

Docker and window Download Image

  • Search docker search container
  • Pull docker pull container / container
  • Start docker run – D – P 9000:9000 — restart = always – V / var / run/ docker.sock :/var/run/ docker.sock –name prtainer-test portainer/portainer

PS: explanation of docker running command

See the browser access ( to access the new user page

-D: background operation
-p: The front is the external access port; the back is the internal access port
–Restart = always: when docker is restarted, the container starts automatically.
-v: Disk directory mapping
–Name: specify a name for the container

See the browser access ( to access the page

New user

I choose this machine, there are many modes, welcome to study deeply


Some basic functions

The above is all the related knowledge about docker building container. Thank you for your learning and support for developer.

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