Detailed explanation of SQL Server building website


Environment: one SQL Server 2008 R2, one web server
Software support: IIS, dynamic website source code


Database part:

1. Start – click SQL Server Management Studio

2. Enter the name or IP address, login name and password of SQL server server – click link database

3. Create a new database

4. Enter new database name – OK

Web server part:

1. First copy the downloaded source code to a disk

2. Install web services. Click Server Manager – roles – add roles in the lower left corner

3. Click on the web server for the server role (IIS)

4. Hook up application development and sub options – then start installation

5. Click function – add function

6. Check. Net – and select Add required features – and start installing. Net.

7. Click Start – Administrative Tools – IIS

8. Expand node – Website – right click to select Add site

9. Enter the website name – click Select physical path – select upload – click OK

10. Right click hishop website – manage website – launch

11. Click application pool – right click hishop – basic settings

12. Change the “integration” of the managed pipeline mode here to the “classic” mode

13. Edit permission

14. Select Security – add everyone – and give full control

15. Return to hishop – click to browse

16. Browsing the web page can see the hishop interface

17. Configure background information

18. Click Finish to enter the website

19. Website interface

20. Back up the database at this time

21. Delete database

22. When deleting, check to close the existing connection

23. Restore the database

24. Find the backup file – then confirm the recovery

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