Detailed explanation of MessageBox pop-up window of Tkinter Library in Python


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Tkinter is Python’s own graphical interface library, which contains many graphical interface controls, including label label, button button, RadioButton radio box, checkbutton check box, entry text box, etc. With the help of various graphical interface controls in Tkinter library, we can design practical graphical interface programs.

1、 Message prompt box

import tkinter.messagebox as msgbox
msgbox. Showinfo ('warm tips', 'congratulations on winning ~')

2、 Message warning box

import tkinter.messagebox as msgbox
msgbox. Showwarning ('operation warning ',' this operation is risky ')

3、 Error message box

import tkinter.messagebox as msgbox
msgbox. Showerror ('error prompt ',' network error ')

4、 The dialog box cannot be closed

import tkinter.messagebox as msgbox
msgbox. Askquestion ('confirm operation ',' are you sure to execute this operation? '# return value yes / no
msgbox. Askyesno ('confirm operation ',' confirm execution? '# return value true / false

5、 You can close the dialog box

import tkinter.messagebox as msgbox
msgbox. Askokcancel ('confirm operation ',' this operation needs to be cautious ~ ') # returns the value true / false
msgbox. Askretrycancel ('confirm operation ',' if the operation cannot be undone ~ '# returns the value true / false

The above is the details of Python’s Tkinter library pop-up MessageBox. For more information about Python pop-up MessageBox, please pay attention to other relevant articles of developeppaer!

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