Detailed explanation of adaptation learning of iPhone X Official Documents



Original address of official documents:link, iPhone x is used in the textiPXTo show that iPhone 7 is used in the textiP7To represent

Screen size

The screen size of the IPX is 2436px × 1125px(812pt × 375pt @ 3x), that is, we still use 3x material, which should have little impact. It is the same as IP7 in width, but 145 points higher


  • You’d better preview the layout on the real machine
  • The layout needs to extend to the edge. In addition, it is better to scroll according to different situations in the vertical height
  • The height of the status bar has changed. If the layout does not use the navigation bar of the system, or the layout is based on the navigation bar, it needs to be adapted again. In addition, when the user is in background mode (positioning, call, etc.), the height of the status bar of IPX will not change
  • Because the height of IPX has changed, the top-down layout should be changed according to the experience of developers. For example, the bottom control should be constrained according to the bottom of the screen
  • Pay attention to the aspect ratio of the material, such as filling the background of the controller
  • Avoid placing interactive controls and gestures at the edge of the screen

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