Detailed explanation of active refresh page and refresh method after Vue list data is deleted


Problem Description:

After the front end deletes a piece of data or adds new data, the back end operation succeeds, but the front end will not refresh automatically. You need to refresh the current page again
(use Vue router to reroute to the current page. The page will not be refreshed. When window. Reload() or router. Go (0) is used to refresh, the whole browser will be reloaded)


Provide / inject combination

Function: allow an ancestor component to inject a dependency into all its descendants, no matter how deep the component level is, and it will always take effect when the upstream and downstream relationship is established.

(declare the reload method to control the display or hiding of router view, so as to control the reload of the page)

App.vue Code:

      <router-view v-if="isRouterAlive"></router-view>


export default {
  name: 'App',
   components: {},
    return {
      reload: this.reload
  data() {
    return {
      isRouterAlive: true,
  cread() {},
  methods: {
      this.isRouterAlive = false;
        this.isRouterAlive = true;
  mounted() {



//Reference Vue reload method
  inject: ['reload'],

// call in method

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