Detailed explanation of 5 commonly used tools for Linux operation and maintenance


Many companies rely on Linux to operate and maintain key applications and services, which also means that Linux monitoring tools are an important part of the overall information technology management strategy

Although Linux devices are popular, they are not so ideal in real-time management because many tools are not designed with Linux monitoring in mind.

Here we need to use some external software, so Linux operation and maintenance tools are essential.

A good software can not only ensure the normal operation of your server, but also automatically troubleshoot it, which is helpful to your reasonable operation and maintenance

The following small series introduces you to five Linux operation and maintenance tools, hoping to help you manage the server

SolarWinds AppOptics

Solarwindsappoptics provides enterprise software solutions based on your Linux server and system.

It is simple, fast and easy to install, and provides out of the box continuous monitoring function for multiple Linux platforms.

The tool can also be seamlessly built to collect monitoring data, databases, and infrastructure for a wide range of other applications. It can be extended to provide visibility to large business networks, including hybrid environments.


Papertrail is a cloud based log analysis tool built for integration with your Linux device.

The purpose of this software solution is to improve the speed and efficiency of your server, collect real-time log data from applications and servers, aggregate and organize these logs, and then automatically analyze the result data to help you identify problematic patterns or activities.

The Linux operating system log can provide useful information about performance. The Papertrail logging process allows you to easily view the kernel, user activities, security threats, etc.


Observation is a free Linux monitoring tool that uses SNMP monitoring protocol to scan your network and collect data.

The tool is easy to use and requires little maintenance by administrators. Observation can automatically discover various network devices, platform types and operating systems, including Linux.

The program graphics system is a highlight for visualizing Linux performance indicators and other network data.


Monitorix is a monitoring tool for Linux and UNIX systems. It was originally designed for under produced UNIX servers.

But because it’s light, this program can also be used for embedded devices.

Built for small servers, monitorix provides a range of tools to track Linux performance and system metrics.

Since its first release more than a decade ago, the function of the tool has been extended to include the monitoring of equipment health, data consumption and network functions.


Ganglia is a real-time monitoring tool that is usually bundled with Linux distributions.

It provides some unique features that are not available in other free options.

Ganglia is a highly scalable open source program with low overhead per node.

Named after the neural network connecting different cell bodies in the brain, the tool uses distributed architecture, hierarchical design and complex algorithms to provide monitoring insights, accurate reporting and maximum efficiency.

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