Detailed explanation JNPF.APP Rapid development scheme of office system


Mobile office is an irresistible trend in the future

Sittrix systems, the world’s leading mobile solution provider, visited 1900 IT industry executives from 19 countries and regions to write the report “the workplace of the future of sittrix”.

The report estimates that by 2020, about every 10 employees will share seven desks, and each employee will use an average of six mobile devices to connect to the company’s network. By then, 29% of the employees will not have to work in the traditional office. People can work at home or on the project site, or use the network mobile office in hotels, airports, coffee shops, etc.

Almost all of the visitors agreed that the office space needed to be redesigned to make it more attractive in the future, the report said. The office of the future will stimulate the creativity and imagination of employees, encourage employees to move to work anytime and anywhere, thus promoting the spirit of collaboration and making work a thing people do, not a place to go.

Detailed explanation JNPF.APP Rapid development scheme of office system

Jnpf mobile office system

This new office mode can let office staff get rid of the shackles of time and space. Unit information can be exchanged and flowed freely at any time and anywhere. The work will be easier and more effective, and the overall operation will be more coordinated. By using mobile information software of mobile phone, the enterprise software application system of mobile phone and computer interconnection is established to get rid of the limitation of time and place.

Detailed explanation JNPF.APP Rapid development scheme of office system

Jnpf mobile office (APP version)

JNPF.APP Based on the domestic open source uni app framework, it is made by hbuilder x editor.

Mobile collaborative office

Real time information transmission – the information of mobile application supports multi terminal instant communication, improves user experience and solves the problem of information delivery in the era of intelligent life;

User defined Push Notification – provides custom notification, supports multi platform terminal message push, and instantly pushes information to target users in a variety of presentation modes;

A variety of process strategies can be adapted according to the needs of different industries, such as the initiation, approval, warehousing and other process configuration strategies of OA and ERP systems;

Rich components support multiple interfaces

Jnpf provides rich components and native capabilities, as well as page modules to simplify the workload to the greatest extent, provide multiple interfaces, and support multiple access methods, such as rest API, so as to facilitate the flexible call of business combined with its own needs. Forms and reports can be adjusted at any time as needed. Simple operation, flexible expansion and convenient maintenance.

In addition, there are portable wechat small programs, which can be used without downloading. Through simple operation, the original PC terminal functions can be migrated to the mobile terminal to realize pocket type portable office!

Detailed explanation JNPF.APP Rapid development scheme of office system