Detailed examples of swift tuples developed by IOS


Detailed examples of swift tuples developed by IOS

A tuple is a composite value composed of multiple values. Values in tuples can be of any type, and the type of each element can be different.

Tuple declaration

//General statement
var point = (5,2)

var httpResponse = (404, "Not Found")

//Define type declaration
var point2 : (Int,Int,Int) = (10,5,2)

var httpResponse2 : (Int,String) = (200,"ok")

Tuple unpacking

var point = (5,2)

var httpResponse = (404, "Not Found")

let (x,y) = point
// x = 5 , y = 2

var (statuseCode, statuseMessage) = httpResponse
// statuseCode = 404 , statuseMessage = "Not Found"

//At this time, because the tuple (x, y) is of let type, the values of X and y cannot be changed; And (statusecode, statusmessage) is of VaR type, so the values of statusecode and statusmessage can be changed

X = 10 // report error

Statusecode = 405 // no error

Tuples can also be unpacked according to the index like arrays, so start from 0

var point = (5,2)

point. 0 // value is 5
point. 1 // the value is 2

Tuples can also be used as dictionaries to assign a key to each value as a name and unpack according to the name

let point3 = (x:3,y:2)

point3. 0 // value is 3

point3. X // value is 3

let point4 : (x:Int,y:Int) = (5,10)

point4. X // value is 5

point4. Y // value is 10

Partial unpacking, unnecessary values are used_ Indicates that the tuple is partially unpacked

//Partial unpacking

let loginResult = (true, "LXY")

let (isLoginSuccess,_) = loginResult

if isLoginSuccess


The above is the explanation of IOS swift tuple. If you have any questions, please leave a message and exchange. Thank you for reading. I hope it can help you. Thank you for your support to this site!

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