Detailed examples of IOS drawing triangles


Detailed examples of IOS drawing triangles

Effect drawing first

The code of the triangle above

- (void)ljTestView 
  CGPoint piont1; 
  piont1.x = 170; 
  piont1.y = 100; 
  CGPoint piont2; 
  piont2.x = 50; 
  piont2.y = 200; 
  CGPoint piont3; 
  piont3.x = 220; 
  piont3.y = 200; 
  ljDrawRect *_ljView = [[ljDrawRect alloc]initStartPoint:piont1 middlePoint:piont2 endPoint:piont3 color:[UIColor redColor]]; 
  _ljView.frame = CGRectMake(0, 64, kDEVICEWIDTH, kDEVICEHEIGHT - 64); 
  _ljView.backgroundColor = [UIColor yellowColor]; 
  [self.view addSubview:_ljView]; 

Class for drawing triangles

#import "ljDrawRect.h" 
@interface ljDrawRect () 
  CGPoint _startPoint; 
  CGPoint _middlePoint; 
  CGPoint _endPoint; 
  UIColor *_color; 
@implementation ljDrawRect 
#pragma mark - 
#pragma mark - method 
- (instancetype)initStartPoint:(CGPoint)startPoint 
  self = [super init]; 
  if (self) 
    _startPoint = startPoint; 
    _middlePoint = middlePoint; 
    _endPoint = endPoint; 
    _color = color; 
    self.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor]; 
  return self; 
- (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect 
  CGContextRef context = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext(); 
  CGContextBeginPath(context);// sign 
  CGContextMoveToPoint(context, _startPoint.x, _startPoint.y); 
  CGContextAddLineToPoint(context,_middlePoint.x, _middlePoint.y); 
  CGContextAddLineToPoint(context,_endPoint.x, _endPoint.y); 
  CGContextClosePath(context);// The path end flag is not written. It is closed by default 
  [_color setFill]; // Set fill color 
  [_color setStroke];// The border is also set to_ Color, otherwise it is the default black 
  CGContextDrawPath(context, kCGPathFillStroke);// Draw path path 

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