Design skills of MCU in hardware object of electric scooter


The most common shape of the electric scooter is the L-shape. The integrated frame structure uses the minimalist style for design. The car handle can be designed into curved shape or linear shape. The steering column and the car handle are generally about 70 °, which can show the curve beauty of combined assembly.


After folding, the electric scooter has a “zigzag” structure. On the one hand, it can show the simple and beautiful structure after folding, on the other hand, it is easy to carry.


The electric scooter is deeply loved by everyone. In addition to its shape, it also has many advantages:

Portability: the size of the electric scooter is generally small, and the body is generally made of aluminum alloy, which is light and portable. Compared with the electric bicycle, the electric scooter can be easily loaded into the car trunk, or carried by subway, bus, etc. it can be combined with other traffic tools, which is very convenient.

Environmental protection: it can meet the needs of low-carbon travel. Compared with cars, you don’t have to worry about urban traffic jams and difficult parking.

High economy: the electric scooter uses lithium battery for power supply, with long battery and low energy consumption.

High efficiency: electric scooters generally use permanent magnet synchronous motor or brushless DC motor. The motor has large output, high efficiency and low noise. Generally, the maximum speed can reach more than 20km / h, which is much faster than sharing a single car.


Composition of electric scooter


Taking a domestic electric scooter as an example, there are more than 20 parts of the whole car. Of course, these are not all. There is also a motor control system motherboard inside the car body.


The motor of electric scooter generally uses hundreds of watts of Brushless DC motor or permanent magnet synchronous motor with special controller, and the brake control generally adopts cast iron or composite steel; Lithium batteries have a variety of capacities, which can be selected according to their actual needs. If there are certain requirements for speed, try to choose batteries above 48V; If the range is required, try to select a battery with a capacity of more than 10Ah.


The body structure of the electric scooter determines its bearing strength and weight. It must have a bearing capacity of at least 100 kg to ensure that the scooter is strong enough to withstand the test on the bumpy road. At present, the most commonly used electric scooter is made of aluminum alloy, which is not only relatively light in weight, but also excellent in firmness.


The instrument panel can display the current vehicle speed, mileage and other information. Generally, the capacitive touch screen is selected; Generally, there are vacuum tires and air tires, and vacuum tires are relatively expensive; For lightweight design, the frame is generally made of aluminum alloy.

Electric scooter also has some attention in structural design. In the hardware part, the interface used is generally multi interface gold finger plug, which is convenient for the stability and reliability of electrical connection.


In the control system board,MCUIt is arranged in the middle of the circuit board, and the gate drive circuit is arranged slightly away from the MCU. Attention should be paid to the heat dissipation of the gate drive circuit in the design. Screw terminal power connectors are provided on the power board for high current interconnection through copper terminal blocks. For each phase output, two copper inserts form a DC bus connection, connecting all parallel half bridges of the phase to the capacitor bank and DC power supply. The other copper insert is connected in parallel to the output of the half bridge.