Design scheme of workflow custom form attached process module


Workflow module——————————-

1.Model management: web online process designer, import / export XML, copy process, deployment process

2.*Process management*: import and export process resource files, view flow charts, reflect process models according to process instances, and activate suspend

3.Running process: view process information, current task node, current flowchart, void and pause process, assign to-do personFree jump

4.Historical process: view process information, process time, process status, and view task initiator information

5.To do tasks: view personal tasks and tasks under this role, handle, reject, void, and assign the following agents

6.Completed tasks: view the tasks handled by yourself, process information, flow chart and process status (voiding and rejecting are completed normally)

You can select users to perform tasksCC, which is to send an in station letter to the CC to inform the current approval comments and remarks

Note: when the current task is completed, the next task to-do person will receive a new task message prompt through instant messaging, which will be regarded as abandoned and completed,

The task initiator will receive the notification of in station letter message

—————————————————fhadmin. CN – user defined form

28. define template: drag the form element on the left to the right area, edit the form element, and save the form template

29. form template: edit and maintain form templates, copy form templates, modify template types, and preview form templates

30. my form: select form template, edit form rules, whether to upload pictures and attachments, turn on rich text, attach process switch, etc

31. form data: from my form, you can add, delete, modify, query form data and modify form rules

32. attached record: records form data and process instance ID associated records, which can be deleted

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