Delve in golang is too low to debug


Problem description



This is due to the low version of the local delve component. In 2019.2.1, GoLand supports go 1.13 by default

Check if there is a problem in the directory F: (go (gopath directory) -Delve / delve / CMD / DLV, and it also exists in the bin directory dlv.exe File, executed from the command line dlv.exe Version gets Version 1.2.1


terms of settlement

Update DLV

Because it already exists locally, you need to use the – U parameter to force the update package and dependency

go get -u

Set up GoLand

Open hele > Edit customer properties. If the prompt file does not exist, click create. Then add a new line dlv.path=D :/Go_ WorkSpace/bin/ dlv.exe Just restart


After restart, debug OK:


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