Delivery without leaving home – exclusive delivery of secret script (the second time)


Authors: Chen Nian, Congyan, Xin Yu

Hello, I’m wang Xiaochui, who focuses on software application delivery! Our delivery iron triangle team (focus on delivery me, development brother tiezi, pre-sales boss Qiang brother) is here again.

As an ISV enterprise providing big data analysis services, in the face of the still severe domestic epidemic situation and unpredictable closed control, it is no longer convenient to go to the customer site. Delays in project delivery due to the inability to travel occur from time to time, and the subsequent operation and maintenance of products often lead to problems such as business instability due to the inability to go to the customer’s site for effective troubleshooting, resulting in complaints from customers.

The reputation of the enterprise has plummeted, the performance has been declining, the overall business of the enterprise has shrunk, and the situation has become more and more difficult. It has reached the point of considering whether to reduce manpower to reduce costs,Therefore, under the background that the epidemic situation makes it impossible to travel and visitors, how to ensure the delivery on time and quality, and ensure the quality of operation and maintenance, so as not to affect the overall revenue of the enterprise, has become a life and death problem.

A battle of life and death

Remote delivery difficult

Whenever the epidemic suddenly becomes severe, our product delivery becomes particularly difficult. No, we had planned to go to Shanghai for on-site delivery that day. Suddenly, I saw the sealing and control management policy of “governing across the river” in Shanghai. I immediately felt that the challenges faced by delivery were further severe. I said to tiezi and brother Qiang: “The delivery of this product was originally scheduled to end next Wednesday. If we set out for on-site delivery according to the plan, it would be in time. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, it is still unknown when we will go to the customer’s site for delivery. Although 70% – 80% of the delivery can be completed remotely, we can not fully realize the implementation of remote delivery. The delayed delivery at that time will certainly give the customer an unreliable impression of us. More than that, the project has not been closed , the balance has not been recorded. Think about it, our salary was postponed from the 10th to the 20th. I’m afraid the company’s capital turnover is not open. “

Remote operation and maintenance difficult

Just when I complained with tiezi and brother Qiang, my mobile phone rang a harsh bell. It’s not that my bell is not pleasant, but that the recent calls are generally from the customer’s site. Let’s go to the follow-up operation and maintenance support work. I picked up the phone, comforted the customer and put down the phone. As expected, it was another phone call with problems on the customer’s site. Unfortunately, it was another Shanghai customer. The customer complains that the alarm information is always displayed on the site, and we can only ask the customer to open a video for a while to remotely guide them to knock the command line by themselves to repair. ” Speaking of this, I sighed, “how difficult ~ ~”.


Revenue performance continued to decline

Look at me, brother Yuqiang, He got up, patted me on the shoulder and comforted: “I’m not much better. Although the domestic epidemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, we also seized this opportunity last year, which led many enterprises to choose us in transformation or cloud migration. Therefore, last year, the overall enterprise also ushered in large-scale development and signed a lot of lists. However, this also directly prompted you to deliver a lot of software applications this year, so you will face the challenge of large-scale delivery Question.

This year, due to the delayed delivery of many orders and the failure to do well in operation and maintenance guarantee, the company’s efficiency is not very good. The boss put great pressure on us and asked our pre-sales team to do everything possible to further expand the market and sign more orders. Therefore, I have a lot of differences this year. I need to visit customers from time to time to promote the achievement of business cooperation. Now, during the epidemic, In order to actively respond to the national epidemic prevention and control policy, we rarely go to inter provincial business trips and visitors. Oh, by the way, have you heard? I heard through the grapevine that the boss discussed with the HR boss some time ago and said that if it goes on like this, we may have to consider reducing the labor cost. Now the people here are under great pressure before sales, and everyone is in danger! “

Looking at brother Qiang and I complaining to each other and our hair getting thinner and thinner, tiezi suddenly remembered that we were still fighting for delivery quality a few days ago and took the initiative to contact amo of the cloud native application delivery platform ADP (hereinafter referred to as ADP) for help. So we quickly connected amo to see if there were any good strategies to help us tide over the difficulties. After the teleconference was connected, we informed amo of the current problem. Amo didn’t beat around the Bush after listening, and directly gave our countermeasures.

Tunnel warfare – in the offline channel

Through the camera, amo looked at me anxiously and said, “hammer, it’s common for us to travel during delivery and operation and maintenance, and it’s difficult for you to realize complete delivery and operation and maintenance remotely. But don’t panic, our ADP has a magic move, which is not impressive, but the effect is very strong, which helps you handle delivery and operation and maintenance remotely.” I hurriedly said, “tell me.”. AMO said calmly: “ADP provides the ability of offline channel, which can help realize remote delivery, operation and maintenance and deal with large-scale delivery problems.


Efficient remote delivery and operation and maintenance

The delivery and operation and maintenance of applications often require relevant personnel to go to the customer’s site for support. When they are unable to go, it means that the progress is stagnant and there is a risk of project delay.

As an ISV, you should be more aware that the delivered products can not meet the needs of customers through a single product. You may need to integrate multiple data types of products and multiple teams for collaborative delivery. When you can’t directly reach the customer site, but the problem needs to be solved by related parties, the on-site personnel need to constantly report the problem and complete the operation according to the instructions, which greatly reduces everyone’s efficiency.

ADP solves the above problems by establishing a safe and stable offline channel between the customer environment and Alibaba cloud and providing a highway directly to the customer’s site.

Based on this channel:
Delivery personnelBe able to inspect the delivery environment remotely, 100% remotely deploy applications and complete delivery acceptance.
Operation and maintenance personnelBe able to diagnose problems remotely, respond quickly remotely and complete operation and maintenance operations. In case of collaborative troubleshooting, related parties can also quickly understand the on-site information, and the solution of the problem becomes efficient in an instant.

Easily cope with large-scale delivery

Now our enterprise has a good development momentum. In fact, many products have entered the stage of large-scale delivery. In the face of a large number of delivery projects scattered all over the country, you also raised the question of how to manage the application version of each project more efficiently.

To solve this problem, ADP’s offline channel capability can provide customers with the ability to uniformly manage clusters, so that you can easily track and manage hundreds of versions of delivered projects.

In other words, even if tiezi upgrades the version of the application, you don’t need to travel from office to office to deliver and deploy. Instead, you can operate in batches and complete the application update of all projects without leaving home.

• cost reduction and efficiency improvement:Open a new mode of remote delivery / operation and maintenance, improve the delivery efficiency of enterprises, reduce labor costs and help realize large-scale delivery.
• safe and controllable:Provide stable, flexible and controllable connection channels to ensure the safety of delivery, operation and maintenance.
• easy to use:There is no need to manage cloud resources and complete channel initialization with one click. “

Positional warfare – Industry Solution Center

AMO continued: “according to your description just now, during the current epidemic period, your business pressure caused by poor delivery is very serious, and we have a platform such as industry solution center. You can learn about it.

Build an online platform to promote business progress

As an ISV in the big data industry, it is estimated that you have found that when helping users complete the digital transformation, it is difficult to complete the full link support only by one product or one team. In fact, it often requires the cooperation of independent software developers, software integrators and delivery service providers to produce corresponding industry solutions. When the solution is determined, you may think that even if you build the industry solution online, you still need to face a series of business docking such as follow-up business demonstration and customer POC. You still need to go to the customer’s site before sales, and brother Qiang’s business trip is inevitable.

Build a business operation position and realize large-scale development

NO,NO,NO! For ISV or software integrators, ADP solution center can be used as a link between industrial supply and demand to help establish an efficient business connection between manufacturers and industrial end users. You can have a large-scale operation position of your own products, quickly integrate your products as a whole, quickly realize the customer business demonstration, POC acceptance and final delivery deployment of the solution, and realize the reproducible and large-scale product order delivery.

In other words, tiezi, your development team will upload the finished products to ADP solution center and make different solution products to customer specifications after integrating the industry solutions online efficiently. Customers do not need to care about the complex delivery configuration. They can choose the specifications they need like online shopping, deploy them offline with one click, and realize the processes of remote business demonstration, POC experience, business license authorization and so on. In this way, you don’t need to travel again. Moreover, through the natural flow of the platform, it can also attract other potential customers and help enterprises develop on a large scale.

Efficient collaboration across products to enhance product reliability

Just as amo was about to go on, Tiezi interjected: “this is very good. We can handle business affairs remotely, but there is one thing. In fact, without your ADP solution center, we can package products one by one and deliver them for deployment, which is a little slow. What are the other highlights of uploading to our ADP solution center, or what additional product value-added capabilities can we bring?”

AMO continued: “Industry solutions often involve the communication and coordination of multiple products, and the cost of human investment is huge. According to your previous understanding, you must face different industries and choose different types of SaaS products for data analysis to integrate and provide industry solutions. Before finding the most suitable solution to provide to end users, you are bound to have to carry out product transformation nonstop, and during the product adaptation period The docking of interface alignment, account management and control, component monitoring and other matters of different products often needs to be continuously docked, even offline joint office may occur.


ADP solution center can help you improve the efficiency of industrial solution production collaboration through simple and easy-to-use platform capabilities, and provide non-invasive built-in capabilities such as cross product fault domain isolation, servicemesh, permission workflow, underlying operation and maintenance monitoring, so as to improve the reliability of solution products and realize the efficient interconnection of multi-party product data.

In short, tiezi. Your development team can directly integrate multiple SaaS products online through the online platform of the solution center and use the rights, workflow, monitoring and other plug-in capabilities provided by ADP to build the most appropriate solution and achieve efficient collaboration. “

• the platform accelerates the implementation of industrial solutions and provides basic support services, making the industry more focused on its own business innovation

• improve the collaborative efficiency of ISVs, software integrators and delivery service providers. The platform provides plug-ins to help multi-party product data exchange, quickly bond and assemble complete industry solutions, and realize the transformation of cloud native integration delivery capability of industry solutions.

• common capabilities such as operation, monitoring and business control sink to the platform side, so that the business is born in the cloud and good at the cloud, and can be delivered to customers efficiently and reliably.

• improve the efficiency of solution delivery

• open up the business pre-sales and after-sales channels for industrial users and solutions, and complete the processes of self-service experience, business POC, license authorized sales, etc. online.

• customers / delivery personnel do not need to care about complex delivery configurations. Just like Taobao shopping, they can deploy and deliver one click multi product solutions according to the specifications selected in the business order, and what they see is what they get. “

AMO paused and continued: “in this way, our development brother tiezi and presales boss Qiang can settle this part at home! Then, xiaohammer, you can realize remote delivery and your problem will be completely solved.”

After listening to amo’s solution, we instantly rekindled hope and fighting spirit!


In offline channel:Help enterprises realize project delivery and acceptance remotely, and efficiently support operation and maintenance. While effectively improving the overall delivery, operation and maintenance efficiency, it can help enterprises deliver and produce on a large scale. The channel is safe, stable, simple and easy to use.

Industry Solutions Center:Help enterprises quickly create perfect industry solutions. Help remote business cooperation, achieve efficient collaboration, build an exclusive business operation position, realize the large-scale growth of business, realize the data exchange of multiple products, and the efficient collaboration during product creation, so as to add another layer of protection to the reliability of products.

ADP is mentioned in the article as aSharp weapon of application deliveryIt has helped us solve many delivery problems, such as the remote delivery problem this time. Let’s share with you the core capabilities of ADP

ADP core competencies:
Full stack online service:Stable and reliable middleware adaptation and extremely simplified delivery process.
Full coverage of heterogeneous environment:Heterogeneous IAAs delivery through cluster image, heterogeneous kubernetes delivery through application management and control, and planning for open ecology.
Stable operation and maintenance base:ACK distro base, operation and maintenance control platform capabilities.
The above capabilities help us solve the problemThe product adaptation cost is high, the deployment environment is complex, the operation and maintenance is inefficient and the threshold is highMy troubles.

As for the story of how ADP helps us deliver the iron triangle to deal with the problems related to the delivery quality of software applications, if you are interested, please click the link below.

(this story is purely fictional. If there is any similarity, it is purely coincidental)

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