Deepin file has a lock. How to delete it? Techniques of deleting files with lock heads by deepin


The system file has a lock, so how to close or delete this lock? When a lock appears, you need toAdministrator permission indicates that the current account does not have permission to operate it. What should I do? Let’s take a look at the detailed solutions.

Open the document bag on the dock, as shown in the figure.

Then find the directory with locked files on the file bag, such as video.

In the locked file, right-click to open the terminal, such as marking pictures.

Enter the command to delete and close the lock head at the terminal:【suod chown a】, here a is the user name you created and the current system user.

Drag in the file to delete the lock and enter after the file【/ -R】。

Enter the login password,Then the file lock is deleted.

The above is the technique of deepin to delete files with locks. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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