Deep operating system deepin20.2.1 release (with download and update logs)



Deepin is a Linux distribution dedicated to providing users around the world with beautiful, easy-to-use, safe and stable services. At the same time, it has always been the highest ranked Linux distribution developed by the Chinese team.

The currently released deep operating system 20.2.1 (deepin 20.2.1) upgrades the underlying warehouse of the system to Debian 10.9 based on deepin 20.2. The dual core (LTS + stable) small version is updated to adapt to the new hardware of the 11th generation CPU, so as to comprehensively improve the stability and compatibility of the system. By default, 54 CVE vulnerability fixes are integrated to enhance system security. The deep desktop environment (DDE) and family bucket applications are greatly optimized to ensure efficient use experience in different scenarios.


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Upgrade the bottom warehouse of the system

Following the stable warehouse version in the upstream, the system integrates Debian 10.9 warehouse by default, mainly to correct security problems and adjust some serious problems. At the same time, the bottom Library of mesa 20 is upgraded, focusing on optimizing 2D and 3D graphical display effects.

Better system compatibility

Adapt the 11th generation u device, improve the system installation and use experience, and fix the problem that the functions cannot be used in some scenarios. At the same time, small version updates are carried out for dual cores to comprehensively improve system stability and compatibility.

System update log:


Optimize taskbar default dwell depth browser

Optimize tooltips tips for unknown password verification errors

When the optimized account is locked, it does not affect users to log in to other users using the user-defined login interface

Fixed the problem that the launcher did not restore to the original position but turned the page when dragging and applying outside the category

control center

The new secondary plug-in supports search and jump functions

New configurable items supporting resolutions of 800 * 600 and below

When the touch screen is newly connected, the system can realize automatic identification

Fix the problem of prompting backup failure after clicking install update

Fix the problem that the upgrade is stuck in some environments

Fix the problem that the control center cannot be opened due to the backup and restore module


New Btrfs file system

New operating system language support

Optimize keyboard response time

Optimize installation stability

Optimize the overall installation process duration

Optimize initialization backup strategy

Tips for optimizing password security level

After optimizing the overall encryption, enter the partition information confirmation

Optimized adaptation to different displays

Fix the problem that after selecting the user’s Avatar, select from the list on the left to enter the other settings interface. After entering the create account page again, the user’s Avatar is not saved

Fix the problem that Btrfs format is selected for the root partition during installation and cannot be configured after restart after successful installation

Fix the problem that the icon on the full disk encryption page overlaps with the disk information display, and the partition information display is incomplete

Fix the problem of abnormal tips display when the mouse is over the keyboard layout name

Fix the problem that the partition information of the overall installation page is not fully displayed and the swap partition cannot be displayed


New language extensions, including simple, complex, formal, English, Uyghur and Tibetan

Fix the problem that the configuration window cannot pop up after installing sunpinyin


Optimize the height of photographing and recording buttons and toolbars

Fix camera settings UI display error

Fix path selection button style error in save path

Fixed the problem that the connected camera status icon is blurred and jagged

Fixed the problem that the camera will still exit after clicking the main menu [-] to exit after starting recording video, and then clicking [x] or closing

Fixed the problem of incomplete picture format display on camera setting page after switching language

Fix the problem that the setting page is stuck after saving the path to the CD

File manager

Fixed the problem that link files exist when a large number of files are selected, and there is no prompt when cutting to SMB / FTP

Fix the problem that the new file created in the document tube for the first time after restarting the computer is not displayed in real time

Fix the problem that the progress bar appears when copying files to the USB flash disk, and the crash occurs when clicking the “pause” button

Repair the problem that the delete key and shift + delete are not shielded on the network neighborhood page, and the deletion prompt box will pop up

Fixed some display problems after switching Tibetan

Fix the problem that the administrator can drag files to the management interface in the common document management after dragging files to the desktop

Fix the problem that the progress bar always shows 1% after searching in the tag: / / / directory and dragging files to the folder marked with information

Fix the problem of manually modifying the computer name to be too long and contain special characters, selecting any folder, right clicking to share this folder, and prompting untranslated problems

Fix the problem that the search result page does not refresh when the source file name is modified in the recent use of search

Fixed the problem that a partition was added to the computer interface when using the partition editor and the document formatting tool at the same time

Fix the problem that the text is cleared after calling up the file rename box with a name greater than 2 rows, and the modification box does not shrink

1000 small files (2m / piece) are marked for repair, and the color corresponding to the mark is different from the number of files at the bottom of the folder

Fix the problem that the marks of the home directory and the data disk directory are not synchronized

Fix the problem that the file cannot be renamed after selecting the file text information Ctrl + C and selecting the file rename (Ctrl + V)

Fixed the problem that the read-only folder could not be copied to another directory

Fix the problem of “insufficient disk space, unable to burn” when clicking image on the desktop and selecting CD-ROM drive to burn

Fix the problem of file manager flash back when multi task recording is performed on the optical drive

Fix the problem of inconsistent order of disk mount plug-ins in fashionable and efficient modes

Fix the problem of inconsistent order of disk mount plug-ins after switching to taskbar mode

Fixed the problem that files could not be written to the USB flash disk in ext4 / ext3 / ext2 format

Fixed the problem that when copying a large number of folders, some folders could not be copied when the file permissions were insufficient

Fix the problem that clicking the sidebar directory of the document management directory in the dark theme mode will not recover after the icon is dimmed

Fix the problem of switching icon mode in computer interface search, and then click the right bar to preview the marked information

Repair the problem that after connecting to SMB and disconnecting the network, right-click any file in the directory and prompt pop-up twice

Fixed the problem that the file name could not be saved by pressing enter after renaming an overly long character to a file or folder

Fix crash when copying multiple files

Fix the problem that the search loading circle immediately appears when you click the back button and click the search button again during the search process

Fix the problem that the document management cannot be opened when there is a prompt box for a file with the same name

Fix the problem of quickly marking a large number of files and probably crashing

Fix the problem that the x-dfm-notshowin field is not displayed independently on the desktop and file selection dialog box

Fixed the display error of the right-click menu when the name configuration under the right-click custom menu contains English double quotation marks

Fix the problem that the deleted folder is not displayed in the recycle bin after the normal deletion prompt is turned on and the folder is continuously created and dragged to the recycle bin. Click the pop-up delete button

Fixed the problem that the name of the text file under the 4K screen would block the icon background image

Fixed a problem where the share name could be set to a space

Fixed the problem that the first picture could not be deleted in the wallpaper library when the desktop picture was set as wallpaper for 2 consecutive times

Fix the problem that you can’t format by clicking format after uninstalling immediately after inserting the USB flash disk

Fix failed to modify bookmark position when dragging sidebar bookmark

Fix kernel deadlock caused by deepin – anything

Help manual

Fix the file manager document exception

Fix the problem of “look at the picture” document exception

Fix the problem of “album” document exception

Fix the problem of “screen capture” document exception

Fix the theater document exception

Fix the camera document exception

Fix the problem of “Sketchpad” document exception

Fix the music document exception

Window manager

Fix the problem that when you enter the task view by typing “super + s”, the interface displays exceptions

Fixed an issue where the multitasking view thumbnails were all icons

system monitor

Fixed the problem that the network data could not be read after the wired connection was closed


Fix the problem that the new schedule cannot be displayed

Fix the problem of twice reminding the schedule


Fix 54 CVE security vulnerabilities and improve the overall security of the system


Fix the problem of exiting the downloader during task download and abnormal download task status after restarting the software

Startup disk making

Fixed the problem of incomplete display of some page data under 20 font Tibetan

Fix the problem of incomplete display of recording interface when making USB flash disk in Tibetan environment

Fix that the USB flash disk is in FAT32 format, prompting the problem of production failure

Look at the picture

Fixed the problem that the ISO sensitivity of photo information in Tibetan and Uyghur was not translated

Fix the problem that the picture name contains a “.” symbol, and only the name before the first point will be displayed when renaming

Fix the problem that slides cannot be exited with double click

Fix the problem that the file name of the picture printed and saved as PDF or picture is incorrect

Fixed the problem that the current slide could not be located after manually switching to the last picture and exiting the slide after the slide was played

Fix the problem that there are multiple points in the name and only part of the file name saved as a file is displayed when printing

Fix the problem that the icon on the main interface is displayed in white under the dark theme

Fix the problem of saving as a picture file name in the print window when there are multiple points in the picture name

Fix the problem that the status bar at the top of the window displays an error after exiting the full screen when the small picture is enlarged beyond the screen

Fix the problem that large TIF pictures display the wrong size in the picture information

Fix the problem that the black theme displays an error under the following system theme

Fixed the problem of reading the name of the whole picture, including the suffix, when printing and saving as PDF

Fixed the problem of wrong display position of multiple pictures on the next page with 1.25 zoom ratio

Fixed the problem that the thumbnail of the first picture is only half displayed when only 3 pictures are deleted

Fixed the problem that pictures in the safe could not be deleted

Fix the problem that BMP format pictures will be damaged or deformed after being rotated twice


Fix the problem that the result is wrong when using mathematical formula


Fix the problem that the close button of the navigation window does not display

Fixed the problem that the Enter key cannot be used to interact when the right-click export uses the tab to switch to [save to] and [file format]

Fixed the problem that the camera and album print page by page were switched to “back to front”

Fix the problem that the tab key of the export interface cannot be switched to the file name option

Fix the problem that the exit probability of the main menu is invalid

Fixed the problem that all photos, timeline and album buttons could not be selected when using tab key to interact in all photos interface

Fixed the problem that the file name selection box could not be selected when using tab interaction in the export interface

Fix the problem that you can’t switch to the list on the left when you use the tab key to interact in the album interface

Fix the problem of incomplete display of export pop-up after adjusting the font size to 20

Fixed the problem that the prompt “picture already exists” was not translated and the search result interface was wrongly typeset after setting Uyghur language

Fix the problem that photo albums cannot import photos

Fix the problem of importing existing photos without positioning

Screenshot screen

Fix the problem that the screen recording icon under the dock does not have a background

Fix the problem of setting the screenshot of wallpaper interface exit and wallpaper exit at the same time

Fix the problem that the display cursor in the recording screen is not translated into Tibetan after switching Tibetan

When fixing the delayed screenshot, the screenshot screen displays the wrong name in the notification center


Fix the inconsistency between the top level in the right-click menu and the top level in the window

After the right-click menu is set to the top, right-click in the blank space of the theater title bar to cancel the problem that “always at the top” cannot cancel the setting of the theater right-click menu

Fixed the problem of jagged volume scale bar border when playing a video or music with black background

Fix the problem that the playlist has no hover effect

Fix the problem that the music playing animation is blurred under the high score screen

Fix the problem that the video will continue to play in the password lock screen interface when the video is in standby / sleep wake-up

Fixed the problem that the volume could not be adjusted using the up and down keys

Fix the problem that clicking the volume adjustment button when playing video does not adjust the volume progress bar

Drawing board

Fixed the problem of inconsistent translation of Sketchpad icons on the taskbar launcher after setting the language to regular Chinese

Fix the problem that the thickness of the triangle stroke is changed to 0px, and the triangle stroke is actually 1px

Fix the problem that the prompt text is English when opening the old version DDF with the new version palette

Fixed the problem of untranslated prompt when the color finder takes color successfully in normal / traditional Chinese

Fixed the problem that the sketchpad icons on the launcher, taskbar and desktop were not translated in Uyghur / Tibetan


Fixed the problem that the arrow turned into a palm when the mouse was placed on the music toolbar icon

Fix the problem that CD song list exit affects the playback of music songs

Fixed the problem of thin line display in the sound adjustment box under 1.25 zoom ratio

Fix the problem that part of the music menu is displayed in English after installing the new version of music when the control center is in Chinese

After deleting the custom song list, delete all songs and return to the initial interface. There is no exit button in the upper right corner

Fixed the problem that the song paused after minimizing music

Fix the problem that music occupies too much CPU when playing songs

The above is the introduction to the official image download and update log of deep operating system deepin20.2.1. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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