Deep integration, polardb and SuperMap jointly build the first cloud native space-time platform


On October 30, the 2019 GIS Software Technology Conference (GTC 2019 for short) with the theme of “deep evolution of geographic intelligence” opened in Beijing International Conference Center. Chaotu and Alibaba cloud completed the product cooperation release in the main forum. The super Map GIS software and the new generation of Alibaba self-developed cloud database polardb realize “engine level” in-depth docking, build a joint solution of autonomous, flexible and highly available cloud native spatiotemporal data management platform, and launch the industry’s first “cloud native database + cloud native GIS” national production platform.

Alibaba cloud polardb

Polardb is the first cloud native database independently developed by alicloud in China, which is compatible with three database engines: MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Innovative designs such as storage computing separation, software and hardware integration are adopted to meet the cloud demand in large-scale business scenarios. Polardb integrates ganos spatiotemporal engine and accelerates the construction of spatiotemporal PAAS basic services based on attribute time space integrated data management, 4D mobile object modeling and spatial heterogeneous computing.

SuperMap GIS

SuperMap GIS is a large GIS software platform developed by Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. The latest SuperMap GIS 10I products have formed five technical systems, including big data GIS, artificial intelligence GIS, new three-dimensional GIS, cloud native GIS and cross platform GIS “bitcc”. China’s market share in the field of GIS basic software ranks first, with users in more than 100 countries and regions.

1 + 3 + n joint scheme

The cloud native spatiotemporal data management platform jointly developed by both parties includes 1 + 3 + n layout:

1: Unify cloud native database and cloud native GIS, complete strict test of nearly 600 GIS standard case databases, obtain compatibility certification of both sides, and provide strong basic software platform support for users to build an autonomous, flexible and highly available cloud native spatiotemporal big data management platform.
3: Three heavyweight features: A. support full space modeling and multi-mode space-time, which can comprehensively manage all kinds of surface and underground, indoor and outdoor, air / day and space-time objects; B. unique library and multi platform compatibility, which is highly compatible with Oracle and PostgreSQL, while GIS spatial data is compatible with ganos and SuperMap interface access, and existing applications can be smoothly migrated; C. dual engine fusion It can speed up. The super map spatial data engine and the ganos spatiotemporal engine get the ultimate performance improvement through deep integration.
N: Multimodal output: supports the deployment of public cloud and private IDC environments, in which IDC supports the output of proprietary cloud, pure soft license or polardb box integrated machine mode to fully meet the security and compliance requirements.

Deep integration, polardb and SuperMap jointly build the first cloud native space-time platform

Different: “engine level” deep docking

In order to improve the query and analysis performance of GIS platform under tens of millions and hundreds of millions of spatial records, the deep fusion mode of “calculation push down” is adopted in the docking of the two platforms. SDX +, the spatial data engine of the SuperMap GIS platform, directly pushes the spatial query and analysis calculation down to polardb. Polardb uses the spatial parallel query optimization and the scheduling of the cloud native spatiotemporal engine ganos to realize the efficient mapping of the model, the fast filtering of the spatial index and the calculation of nearly 100 query analysis. Through the verification of the actual application environment of a spatiotemporal information cloud platform, the performance of the platform is improved many times compared with the traditional commercial database docking mode.

Deep integration, polardb and SuperMap jointly build the first cloud native space-time platform


The deep integration of polardb and SuperMap has implemented Alibaba cloud’s integrated strategy and complied with the platform strategy of “one horizontal and one vertical”. Through “one vertical” vertical integration, that is, super map improves the overall system performance and cross database platform compatibility with the help of technology integration polardb, while polardb widens the spatial business capacity width with the help of super map. One horizontal is to build a platform ecosystem of spatiotemporal data services through brand superposition, which provides a leading, professional and full space digital solution capability for joint development of digital government, urban brain, smart city / Park / building and other strong GIS digital field applications. “One horizontal and one vertical” integration has expanded the “area” of spatial data services.

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