Datawale clock in, docker record


Why use docker?

In a word, docker can provide a unified environmental management solution. As long as you have docker, you can share code with each other and run successfully, because docker can package your dependent environment together and then distribute it to other people, so you don’t need to waste time on environment configuration.

Docker uses the sandbox mechanism, and different containers are isolated from each other. It is a system level virtualization technology, which can effectively solve the problem of incompatibility between different processes.

Install wsl2

My host is win10 family Chinese version, version 2004
Refer to the official documents for the installation process, follow the steps.
Install windows subsystem (WSL) | Microsoft docs for Linux on Windows 10

Installing docker on wsl2

It’s the same as installing on Ubuntu. The references are as follows:
Installation of Ubuntu docker( )

Submit results through docker on Tianchi

reference resources…

OK, I’ve had a smooth installation all the way
Start happily debugging your code

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