“Datafuse labs” is one year old today


“Datafuse labs” is an open source data cloud infrastructure developer and the core team behind the databend open source project. It is committed to providing users and enterprises with a one-stop platform for data construction and processing with lower cost, higher performance and easier use.
“Datafuse labs” was founded on March 5, 2021 and is just one year old today.
Let’s review the footprints of “Datafuse labs” in the world in the past year.

New generation cloud data warehouse databend

Databend is a new data warehouse developed by rust, open source and fully oriented to cloud architecture. It is committed to providing rapid elastic expansion ability and creating data cloud product experience on demand and quantity.

  • A total of 3400 + stars have been harvested. At present, the total number of codes is more than 140000 lines
  • Nearly 100 contributors submitted about 2600 PR times, and the cumulative number of commits exceeded 9000
  • The industry-leading vector computing engine pursues the extremely flexible scheduler design, making the fine control of resources within reach
  • The storage design based on git idea provides zero copy cloning, data sharing, data time travel and other capabilities to make data flow freely
  • In addition to supporting MySQL / Clickhouse protocol, it also provides a one-stop tool bendctl for deployment and use
  • Comprehensive practical function support, and you can customize lambda style UDF
  • A total of 31 issues of the weekly report witness the growth. Welcome to subscribehttps://weekly.databend.rs

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##Open source cloud native infrastructure frameworks openraft and opendal

During the development of databend, the team also incubated some infrastructures for building high-performance cloud native applications.
Openraft asynchronous raft consensus engine, driven by powerful Tokio, currently provides consistency guarantee for metadata services of databend. The project aims to improve the raft consensus algorithm and make it a consistency protocol for the next generation distributed data storage system. At present, ~ 400 stars have been harvested and have been used in production by a core project of SAP company.
Opendal has been preparing to connect the data world since the first day of open source. As the data access layer of databend, it interfaces with file system, S3 and other cloud storage services, so that data can flow freely.

Datafuse labs participates in the ecological construction of rust

Open class for rustacean and database developers
Since August 2021, databend and rust Chinese community and zhishutang have launched an open class program for rustacean and database developers.
Up to now, 25 sessions of rust improvement training plan and 9 sessions of rust novice introductory courses have been released. Played 45000 times in total and got 939 likes.

Station B video direct:https://space.bilibili.com/27…

Obtain Courseware:https://github.com/wubx/rust-…

From the first day of its establishment, “Datafuse labs” has adhered to the concept of “from open source to open source”. While developing its own projects, Datafuse labs insists on giving back to rust ecology.


The past year has been full of challenges. The “Datafuse labs” team has built a databend and open source ecosystem from scratch, attracted the active participation of nearly 100 contributors, and quickly became a heavy participant in the open source cloud data warehouse.
In June 2022, a new generation of data cloud based on databend will be launched for internal testing. At that time, it will provide a new one-stop data cloud platform with high performance, low cost and pay as you go!

The name databend comes from the theory of relativity. Due to the existence of matter, time and space will bend, which is the time bend of relativity. We hope that the emergence of databend can enable users to re-examine the data, so as to mine the greater value existing in the data, and enable users to make life easier in the field of big data.