Database graphical management tool dbeaver


The database graphical management software available in Linux is not as rich as windows, and most of them are in English, which is not very friendly to most small partners who are not good in English. I found it inadvertentlyDBeaverThis software can not only meet some simple operations of the database in our study, but also the Chinese interface. It is a benefit for a small partner who is not very good at learning and developing English

First paste a picture of the installation and successful connection (MySQL as an example)

Database graphical management tool dbeaver



  1. Download the installation package of dbaver first


  2. Open the terminal and enter the package storage directory to execute the installation command

    dpkg -i dbeaver-ce_21.0.5_amd64.deb

    Or click package installation directly

  3. After installation, you can see it in the program. Click to enter and create a connection

Database graphical management tool dbeaver

Database graphical management tool dbeaver


Installation complete!

PS: some small partners will report the following errors during installation

Database graphical management tool dbeaver


Delete the connection, re create or directly modify the link, and find it in “drive properties”allowPulicKeyRetrievalAnd change its value totrueYou can connect successfully

Database graphical management tool dbeaver


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