Data operation accelerator, cloudquery v1.3.5 release!


Cloudquery’s first live broadcast in 2021 is coming! Cloudquery will release v1.3.5 on March 30. We will explain the new features added from v1.3.2 to v1.3.5 one by one in the live broadcast. Interested students should not miss it and sign up quickly~

Live time: 20:00-21:00 on March 30

Cloudquery is an integrated data management and control cloud platform specially designed for development / operation and maintenance personnel. It integrates various data tools needed in daily life, provides integrated permissions, data audit and other security measures, and minimizes data risk.

Cloudquery core functions:

  • Data operation: it supports different characteristics of data sources, and can visually view and edit data, table structure, personal folder / SQL collection and other functions through the interface to improve the operation convenience
  • Audit analysis: record operation log in an all-round way, support audit details, audit analysis and application audit, and assist DBA in audit analysis from multiple dimensions such as person, time, module and behavior.
  • Permission management: Based on RBAC permission model, it supports multi-dimensional on-demand authorization of connection library and table, and divides permissions into ultra-fine granularity.
  • Application management / analysis: support third-party application connection, Java application heartbeat monitoring, 360 degree positioning slow SQL, top SQL, etc.

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Live address:

Content outline:

  • New features of cloudquery v1.3.2-v1.3.5

    • Redis cluster mode
    • Design table and view table structure (mysql, Oracle, SQL Server)
    • Add field type support
    • Transaction mode switching (manual / automatic)
    • Result set special type display support
    • Execute / terminate function
    • Stored procedure support (Oracle, mysql, SQL server, PostgreSQL)
    • Terminal statement execution into audit
    • Personal log query
    • ……
  • Cloudquery v1.4 update plan

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Data operation accelerator, cloudquery v1.3.5 release!

Data operation accelerator, cloudquery v1.3.5 release!