Data intelligence service provider Daily Interactive (personal push) appeared at the 5th Digital China Construction Summit


On July 22, the Fifth Digital China Construction Summit was grandly held in Fuzhou. The theme of this summit is “Innovation drives new changes and digital leads new pattern”. host.

Data intelligence listed company Daily Interactive (personal push) made a big debut at the summit and achievement exhibition. At the conference site, the daily interactive booth (booth number: 6G01, Hall 6) attracted a large number of professional visitors to visit and consult and communicate. The company’s data intelligence application results in the vertical field have attracted much attention.

Data intelligence service provider Daily Interactive (personal push) appeared at the 5th Digital China Construction Summit
Exhibitors interact with daily interactive staff

Daily Interaction, as a domestic professional data intelligence service provider, has deep data accumulation and strong technical strength. It focuses on providing data intelligence products, services and solutions for vertical industry customers and government departments, and continuously promotes digital upgrades in various segments process.

At the daily interactive booth site, the staff explained the company’s series of solutions to the audience who came to consult, and helped them understand the innovative application of data intelligence in the fields of digital operation growth, brand marketing, urban governance, and smart transportation.

Among them, the digital operation growth solution integrates daily interactive user insight, data analysis, refined touch and other capabilities, aiming to help App developers and Internet operators improve the refined level of user operations. At present, the solution has been applied in the specific business scenarios of customers in many industries such as e-commerce, news information, travel, games, etc., helping them achieve efficient data-driven growth.

Daily Interaction also provides professional services such as consumer insight, advertising crowd targeting, and joint modeling for brand advertisers in the fast-moving consumer goods, maternal and child, and beauty industries, helping brand owners to carry out high-quality marketing activities and reduce the waste of advertising resources .

In addition, the staff at the booth also demonstrated the digital intelligence products launched by Daily Interaction for public service fields such as urban governance for the exhibitors. For example, the “Population Dashboard” launched by the daily interaction, through the form of large-screen data visualization, intuitively displays the real-time population, crowd distribution, crowd portraits, etc. Control and grass-roots governance empower and increase efficiency.

“Traffic data intelligence allows you to stop once at most”. The digital intelligence scene application created by Daily Interaction for traffic management and other related departments also made the audience feel the unique charm of data intelligence more closely. Daily Interactive cooperates with traffic management departments, map service providers and other organizations to provide traffic management departments with services such as intelligent timing of signal lights and intelligent control of green wave belts on the basis of multi-party data integration and safe calculation, realizing road network The intelligent dispatching management of traffic flow not only significantly improves the work efficiency of the traffic management department, but also makes travel more convenient for citizens.

It is worth mentioning that the data intelligent operating system created by Daily Interactive——”Daily Number Management Platform DIOS” also made a major appearance at the Fifth Digital China Construction Summit and became the focus of the booth.

Data intelligence service provider Daily Interactive (personal push) appeared at the 5th Digital China Construction Summit
Exhibitors learn about products such as the Daily Governance Platform from the daily interactive staff

The digitalization process in various industries is in full swing. In order to help industry customers and relevant government departments solve the pain points such as difficult data use, lack of data system, and poor quality of data sources on the road to digital upgrading, Daily Interaction will productize the data governance and application experience accumulated over ten years, Launched a data intelligent operating system – DIOS, a daily data management platform. The daily governance platform DIOS provides a series of out-of-the-box, easy-to-use data governance and analysis tools, which can effectively reduce the threshold for digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and help industry customers achieve digital agile upgrading.

From 15:20 to 15:40 on July 24, everyone is welcome to come to the site where the results of the construction of Digital China are released. In the Metaverse Experience Hall, you can learn about the innovative achievements and latest applications of the daily number platform DIOS for the first time~

Data intelligence service provider Daily Interactive (personal push) appeared at the 5th Digital China Construction Summit