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Dandelion · Jerry technology weekly Vol.21

Choose react or Vue, everyone will have their own answer in their heart. There are many reasons to pick the framework of heart water, but when we ask ourselves, can we really evaluate the difference between the two. Perhaps we should return to the original intention and look at the design philosophy of frame selection from the most basic perspective. Only appropriate frame design can make the project develop healthily.

ascend a height to enjoy a distant view

Heaven and earth are far apart, and you feel the infinity of the universe

Basic technology

Behind lodash security vulnerabilities, you have to know JavaScript knowledge

The content of this article can deepen readers’ understanding of the basic knowledge of JavaScriptLoadshThe analysis of potential security vulnerabilities and their repair schemes can help readers have an in-depth understanding of the generation of prototype pollution, prototype pollution attack methods and relevant preventive measures. The knowledge points involved include but are not limited to:Object prototypeprototypePrototype chainNodejs related issuesObject.create methodObject.free methodMap data structureDeep copy

Best practices from the evolution history of web icons

Proper use of icons in products can make products more vivid and concise. In front-end projects, processing and introducing icons are essential links. This paper will briefly sort out the evolution of icon related workflow and some related attempts in the promotion of Baidu design language system.

Front end frame

After making two identical apps with react and Vue, this is my complete comparative evaluation

“Compare react and Vue” is a common interview question. Sunil Sandhu brothers want to answer this question more neutrally, so he has been trying to build a standard and complete todo app to compare the workflow of the two frameworks. After the release of react hooks and Vue composition API respectively, he released the 2020 version of react & Vue comparative evaluation.

Graphic programming

Desperate to find the fillet — A Study on the real-time fillet smoothing scheme of figma

Are you still rough with right angle fillets? In the IOS 7 era, apple made very subtle changes to the home screen icon and introduced the concept of smooth rounded corners. Using mathematical language to describe it is that the edge curvature of smooth fillet is continuous, while right angle fillet is not. This may seem trivial, but the small details of this design have a great impact on the experience.

Design philosophy

Solid — five principles of OOD

In the field of programming, object-oriented is an unavoidable topic, and solid principle is a coding standard designed to avoid bad, which should be clear to all software developers, but few people can summarize object-oriented methods and principles, what are the key differences between object-oriented design and procedural design, and how to define and measure readability What exactly is reusability and what kind of code is called fragile and rigid. Starting from the solid principle, this article answers these questions through explanatory text closer to the business and specific code examples.

Only two lines of code are written. Why does it take two days?

Many times we take the number of lines of code as an important KPI to quantify our work, but can it really determine the value of our work? How to answer this question for a boss or PM who does not understand technology? This paper lists some possible reasons.

artificial intelligence

Implementation of [good book recommendation] algorithm “recommendation system practice”

This book mainly provides the thinking direction of data sources, data classification, algorithm / model selection, effect evaluation and other problems encountered in the process of building a recommendation system. With a large number of engineering contents combined with a small number of algorithms, it is very suitable to understand the implementation of algorithms.
[watercress score 8.1]https://book.douban.com/subject/10769749/

A collection of relics from the sea

The sea picks up relics and accumulates them in small steps to thousands of miles

Project management from the perspective of procedure

Reasonable design of project framework is very important, and reasonable project management is equally important. How to analyze requirements, split and schedule is an important part of development. Although the school will not teach you what to do, our program, Miss yuan, is well versed in this. Now let the little sister make up this key lesson for you, manage expectations, control risks, and make the online no longer under pressure.

Design tokens — spark of collision between design and development

In the process of front-end development, the participation of designers is essential, and they are also an important part of development. In the business process, designers deliver their design drafts to developers in the hope that they can be perfectly reproduced in the project, but it is very difficult to reproduce all the details. At this time, design tokens bear the expectations of both parties.

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