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Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.25

Two years later, webpack 5 was officially released, which not only cleaned up many redundant functions, but also brought us a lot of new capabilities, whether it’s persistent cache enabled by default, anti-virus protection, or called JS architecture reformer by one of its authorsModule Federation。 Although I don’t know if you are excited, it’s time to get on the webpack 5 and experience an upgrade.

ascend a height to enjoy a distant view

The sky is high and the earth is wide, and the universe is infinite

Basic technology

After reading this article, my grandmother understood the principle of HTTPS

The article shows the roles of symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, digital certificate, CA organization and digital signature in the process of the HTTPS protocol from simple to deep. The language is easy to understand. Although I hold my grandmother to read it, she says she can’t understand it, but it is still worth recommending!


Two years later, webpack 5 officially released

Since webpack 4 was released in February 2018, there has been no further major update to webpack. In order to maintain the consistency of the API, the old architecture has not been changed much, leaving a lot of burden. After more than two years, webpack 5 was officially released on October 10, 2020, which brought many significant changes, which will greatly improve the construction efficiency and quality of front-end engineers. The release note for webpack 5 is very long. This article attempts to extract the most concise information.

Graphic programming

Ar core concept and technical analysis

This is the second lesson in the introduction course series of arcore development launched by Google. It introduces the six concepts of AR, as well as the ideas and technical solutions for arcore to realize these six concepts. The article mentioned at the beginning of the last lesson “decrypt ar Augmented Reality” content is also worth reading.

RTF: write with react three.js

How to write gracefully with react three.js This article provides an introductory tutorial. The reasons for choosing r3f (react three fiber) are listed in this paper: the development mode of component-based scenario is highly readable and easy to reuse, many useful auxiliary functions are built-in, and enough hooks are exposed for developers to flexibly expand and preprocess the canvas size in advance without restriction three.js The second rendering algorithm is optimized.

artificial intelligence

AI chat robot — Jingdong Data Science Laboratory

A survey on Dialogue Systems: recent advances and new frontiers

Although it was also in 2018, 124 papers were cited in the full text, which is a comprehensive and comprehensive introduction to the dialogue system, which still has reference significance.

Paper interpretation: Research on dialogue generation based on dynamic vocabulary

Although it is an article of 18 years, we can mainly understand the classification and realization ideas of chat robots through this paper. As for the core content of this paper, the realization idea of replacing static dictionary with dynamic dictionary and optimizing the methods of word prediction loss and recovery generation loss are suitable for readers who have further research.

Tool promotion

After ten years of tempering, the ace in the web video player is finally open source!

Ckplayer is a kind of software for playing video on the web. It has the characteristics of high customization. As an old web video player, it only needs a few simple files to insert video. Recently, after updating the X2 version, the author of the player officially open source ckplayer to all developers. This article will give you a brief introduction to the features of the player, its use and installation.

On the sea

The sea is a collection of relics, which can lead to thousands of miles

Nginx configure the HTTPS server

After understanding the basics of HTTPS, how to apply it in actual projects? This article explains how to use nginx to configure the HTTPS server. If you don’t use it soon, you can put a “green lock” on your small website, which symbolizes security authentication.

Analysis of webpack principle

Webpack 5 has been officially released. When we study the contents of webpack, we still need to have a deeper understanding of webpack. This webpack principle analysis is a good tutorial. This article takes the realization of a simple packaging tool as the roadmap, and analyzes the capabilities of webpack one by one. It would be a pity to put it in the favorites and eat ashes.

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Looking up, the seeds of dandelion will take root and sprout, like summer flowers; with the knowledge of things, we will climb high and look far away and collect the remains of the sea, in order to accumulate silicon and travel thousands of miles.

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