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Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.22

Recently, react router has released the beta version of 6. X, and the official version is not far away. As an important part of react ecology, react router is widely used in various react projects, and its every version iteration is also concerned. What are the specific changes of react router? How many new features will the upgrade bring? How much does it cost to upgrade? Does the project need to be upgraded? I believe you will have your own answer after reading it. Little assistant is going to have a taste now.

ascend a height to enjoy a distant view

The sky is high and the earth is wide, and the universe is infinite

Basic technology

Text fragments, an anchor technique you haven’t seen before

Text fragments is a new feature of chromium 80 +. With text fragments, we can specify a text fragment as an anchor in the URL. When the browser opens a URL with text fragments, the browser will emphasize the matched text to attract the user’s attention.

Avif is here

This paper uses four different images: detailed photos / graphic illustration / heavy SVG / gradient image as demo, compares the common image formats: JPEG, webp, PNG and avif, and reveals why Netflix chooses avif as the next generation of image compression technology【 [translation]https://juejin.im/post/6870741995204132877

[wasm development] getting started with emscripten

Emscripten is an important part of webassembly tool chain. It can help us compile C / C + + into asm.js or webassembly, and output code that can run on Web, node.js and wasm runtimes. This paper starts from a C HelloWorld, and gradually introduces debugging, mutual call between wasm and JavaScript, embedded API and other knowledge points. After reading this article, readers can master the basic usage of emscripten and learn some details of the interaction between asm.js/wasm and JavaScript.

Front end frame

New features of react router 6

React router recently released the beta version of 6. X, and I believe it will be released soon. As an important part of react ecology, react router is widely used in react projects. What new features will be introduced in this upgrade, and will it bring about incompatible changes? This paper introduces the specific changes of react router 6 in detail, among which the route / link component needs to write relative path, supports the definition of route in the form of object, and the suspend ready navigate API is worthy of attention.

Server development

Libuv tutorial

Those who are familiar with node are certainly familiar with libuv. Libuv is a high performance, event driven I / O library, and provides cross platform (such as windows, Linux) API.Nikhil MaratheWhen I was writing node taglib, I had no easy to understand libuv tutorial, so I wrote this booklet. Now it has been included in the official document of libuv. If you are interested, you may as well try to have a look. It will open a new world for you.

Design philosophy

How to choose colors for data visualization?

It’s not easy to choose the right color for the chart. If you don’t know the color at all, it’s very difficult to choose the color. I hope this article can teach you to find the color suitable for data visualization, or make the color board of PPT.

What’s left of the sea

It’s a long way to go

Research on CSS cascading context and cascading sequence principle

As a front-end development, CSS is our habitual tool, it and HTML are full of all aspects of daily work, but not everyone can know its principle. As an “ancient prose” of 15 years, these detailed knowledge points are still what we need to learn after years of precipitation.

Perfect copy of design draft

The perfect restoration of the design draft not only carries the expectations of designers, but also tests the basic skills of the front end. But many times, in addition to the technology itself, there are many other things that we need to think and judge. If it’s just a copy of the design draft, it’s not enough to make the project experience to the extreme in the actual work. Only by playing the subjective initiative can the project complete the final 101% presentation.

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Look up, dandelion seeds will take root, such as summer flowers gorgeous; In order to accumulate silicon, we can reach thousands of miles.

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