Dandelion · Jerry technology weekly Vol.33: front end basic class begins ~


Dandelion · Jerry technology weekly Vol.33: front end basic class begins ~

Dandelion · Jerry technology weekly Vol.33

Page file too large? The picture is too big; Page load white screen? It is likely that the font file has not been loaded; Page loading time too long? Mostly the main process is blocked… What should I do? Come to Xiaokui, cough up. Take a look at the make-up lessons in the front-end basic class of “Dandelion”. Don’t waste your study alone.

ascend a height to enjoy a distant view

Heaven and earth are far apart, and you feel the infinity of the universe

Basic technology

How to use webworker to improve the response speed of user interface

The browser executes JavaScript script in a single thread. When executing some time-consuming tasks, the tasks that originally respond to the user’s operation will be blocked; One solution is to transform these time-consuming tasks into asynchronous operations. However, webworker can be used to process some tasks that are not easy to transform, such as image pixel analysis or processing, so as to make the main thread respond to user interface operations.

How to use custom fonts gracefully

When using custom fonts, if the font file is loaded first and then the text content is rendered, the blank time before text rendering will be prolonged. This paper introduces a method of loading font files using pre connection and asynchronous loading, and uses the system font similar to the user-defined font as the bottom, so as to achieve the balance between content rendering speed and avoiding text flicker.

CSS3 patterns: pure CSS pattern effect

The collection of a series of very interesting pattern effects realized through the gradient characteristics of pure CSS3, such as transparent bottom, wall, chessboard, fish pattern, honeycomb, lined paper, various cloth textures, etc. the code is concise and clear, which can be easily applied to our actual projects. If you also have creativity and skills, dullele is not as good as zhonglele. Submit a share.

CSS annual report 2020

The 2020 CSS usage report can be used to understand the current situation of CSS developers, the use of features and surrounding tools.

Design philosophy

Behind the 100 billion turnover, how do front-end engineers do “asset loss prevention and control”?

Asset loss, as the name suggests, is the scene where the platform is inconsistent with the psychological expectations of users or customers and directly or indirectly causes economic losses. Through the thinking of Ali front-end students and the practice of Taoxi double 11, this paper provides you with some experience and reference for asset loss prevention and control.

Cross end frame technology

what? Kubernetes has abandoned docker?

At present, the docker support function in kubelet has been deprecated and will be deleted in later versions. Kubelet previously used a module called dockershim to implement CRI support for docker. However, the kubernetes community has found maintenance problems related to it, so it is recommended to consider using an available container runtime containing a complete implementation of CRI (compatible with v1alpha1 or V1).

Gleaning from the sea

The sea picks up relics and accumulates them in small steps to thousands of miles

How to use service workers to dynamically respond to images

One problem that has plagued web users for many years is the loss of network connection. Even the best web app in the world is a terrible experience if you can’t download it. Service worker enables your application to access local cache resources first, so it can still provide basic functions when offline without receiving more data through the network.

Analysis of CSS3 dynamic optimization principle from browser rendering level

In web page development, we often need to realize some dynamic effects to make the page visual effect better. When talking about dynamic effects, we will inevitably think of the topic of dynamic performance optimization, reduce page DOM operation, reduce page rearrangement, and turn on hardware acceleration… What is the relationship between these and dynamic picture optimization? Let Xiaobian.. Well, the little assistant will uncover the principle for you.

“Dandelion” magazine, updated every week, we focus on mining “Basic technologyEngineeringCross end frame technologyGraphic programmingServer developmentDesktop developmentartificial intelligenceDesign philosophyFront end frame“And other industry hotspots in many general directions, and give professional interpretation; Not only that, we will also recommend selected concave convex technical articles to show you the research and technical direction of the team.

Looking up, dandelion seeds will take root and sprout, as gorgeous as summer flowers; We have a long-term view of the sea, and we have a long-term view of the world.

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Dandelion · Jerry technology weekly Vol.33: front end basic class begins ~

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