Dandelion · Jerry technology weekly Vol.19 cloud ide development from scratch



Dandelion · Jerry technology weekly Vol.19

Do you also have the idea to develop your own IDE, but you suffer from lack of time and energy, and it is difficult to sleep after completing the desktop IDE, but you are caught up with the concept of cloud ide. How can these two systems be compatible? Let’s first learn about the architecture design and technology selection of Theia framework launched by the eclipse foundation.

ascend a height to enjoy a distant view

Heaven and earth are far apart, and you feel the infinity of the universe

Basic technology

[official announcement] typescript 4.0 officially released

Typescript 4.0 is officially released! The official team has added many exciting features in this version, such as variable parameter tuple type, constructor class attribute inference, short circuit assignment operator, custom JSX factories, etc. at the same time, the official site has also been rewritten to look more refreshing. In the developer report of stackoverflow, typescript has become the second most popular language after rust. Its community is mature and developing, and has many great new resources to learn. If you haven’t used typescript before, now is the best time to get on the bus.

No JavaScript! Create a minesweeping game based on CSS space toggle + HTML

Space toggle is a trick usage of CSS variables. Using the check box as the data source and through certain CSS variable combinations, space toggle enables CSS to have basic logic control capabilities. This warehouse only uses CSS + HTML to implement a minesweeping game. The readme document also introduces the usage of space toggle and the discussion of the community. It can be seen from the warehouse that this technique has other uses in addition to minesweeping games. For example, someone built a 7-segment nixie tube orz.

Deeply analyze the meaning of line height and vertical align to rendering results in CSS style sheets

Do you really know those CSS styles? The working principle of many attributes seems simple, but many page rendering secrets are hidden when rendering elements. This includes the determinants of the area occupied by characters in the rendering results introduced in this paper. This paper makes an in-depth analysis of the height of the line of multi character combination and the vertical alignment of characters in the line. If you focus on this direction, I believe this is an indispensable lesson in improving your ability.

Desktop development

Architecture design of multilingual cloud & Desktop IDE

Eclipse Theia is an extensible platform that can use the most advanced web technology to develop a multilingual cloud & Desktop ide. With Theia, you can develop an IDE from the source code, and then run it in a browser or as a local desktop application. Now the concept of cloud IDE is popular. Do you want to know the architecture design and technology selection of Theia, the pioneer in the industry? Take a look at the official architecture design document.

Graphic programming

Based on the illusory 4 engine, the domestic game “black Myth: Wukong” has hit the whole network

Recently, the game trial video of the domestic game “black Myth: Wukong” created by the unreal 4 game engine has hit the whole network, and even has a warm response on YouTube. The game belongs to a high level in terms of image quality, special effects, animation and so on. Netizens are excited and amazed: this will be the first domestic 3A masterpiece!

Tool promotion

React spring, an API more comprehensive physics engine driven curve animation framework

An animation frame that uses the physics engine (spring / shock absorber) to calculate animation curves. More animation curve configuration items are provided than react motion; In use, hooks and component calls are supported to facilitate driving different rendering methods.

A collection of relics from the sea

The sea picks up relics and accumulates them in small steps to thousands of miles

Create a 3D physical world in ten minutes

Recently, the little assistant’s circle of friends was swiped by black Myth: Wukong. I wonder if you have seen their promotional videos? All aspects of quality are beyond expectations, and we also expect this game to come out as soon as possible. Similarly, for H5 games, it also takes time and developers to constantly polish the details before they can have higher quality for players or users. It is even more so to choose a 3D engine to create a virtual physical world. This paper provides a quick start-up program, which explains in detail the problems encountered in developing 3D projects, as well as various tools and solutions, Come and start the journey of “new world”!

When will web pages use GPU acceleration

As we all know, GPU has unparalleled advantages in graphics processing as a microprocessor that runs drawing operations on various devices such as PCs, workstations and game consoles. When will you use GPU to complete page rendering and provide a smoother experience if you write a web page? This article will reveal one by one for you.

“Dandelion” magazine, updated weekly, we focus on mining “Basic technologyEngineeringCross end frame technologyGraphic programmingServer developmentDesktop developmentartificial intelligenceDesign philosophyFront end frame“And other industry hotspots in many general directions, and give professional interpretation; Not only that, we will also recommend selected concave convex technical articles to show you the research and technical direction of the team.

Looking up, dandelion seeds will take root and sprout, as gorgeous as summer flowers; We climb high and look far into the sea to collect relics, so as to accumulate silicon and walk thousands of miles.

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