Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.26: would you like some liver this month?


Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.26: would you like some liver this month?

Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.26

In October of this year, I don’t know how many new entries have been added to todo list. You may have prepared vue3, webpack 5 and react v17.0 RC. However, in October, there are more than these things worth trying. NPM cli prompts that you can go throughnpm install -g [email protected]Experience the new version. The tweet of chromium blog also shows that Chrome is deploying http / 3 and IETF quic

ascend a height to enjoy a distant view

The sky is high and the earth is wide, and the universe is infinite

Basic technology

NPM v7.0.0 release

NPM v7.0.0 brings many new features,WorkspacespeerDependenciesAutomatically installed and supportedyarn.lockAnd so onNodeJS v15It’s released together. If you want to try it immediately, you can usenpm i -g [email protected]Run the installation on the terminal.

Chrome is enabling http / 3 and supporting IETF quic

Quic (quick UDP Internet connections) is a low latency Internet transport layer protocol based on UDP developed by Google, which combines the characteristics of TCP, TLS and other protocols. Http / 3 is the latest version of HTTP and only runs on quic. \


Webpack 5 module Federation: the innovator of JavaScript architecture

Module FederationIt is one of the new features of webpack 5. It can make JavaScript application run another bundle or build code dynamically on client or server. This article is the best tutorial to learn about this feature, because it is written byModule FederationOne of the authors ofZack JacksonPublished, he wrote“Module FederationForJavaScript BundlerLikeApolloForGraphQLIt also describes the related technology implementation and project practice. \

Graphic programming

Mechanics principle of IOS uiscrollview animation

Understanding the mechanical principle of animation effect is very important for the restoration degree of design. This paper deeply analyzes the mechanical principle of IOS UI rolling view animation. \

Design philosophy

Neglected design: Chinese font

Font is one of the basic elements of design. However, there are very few videos about type design, and non professionals have very limited knowledge of it. Many people will think, “ah, is air also designed?” Font, as one of the basic elements of design, is related to the design style of a nation. This video explains the basic knowledge of Chinese font with a short six minute animation and narration

Tool promotion

SVGA — another realization / presentation method of AE animation

Compared with the famous bodymovin Lottie, SVGA uses another method to record animation information: the information of each frame is calculated before export and recorded in the exported file. The player only needs to render frame by frame when rendering, and does not need to care about the calculation of interpolation between key frames. As a result, the library of parsing and player is much simpler than Lottie’s (57kb before gzip), and the exported file is also smaller; in addition, there are more restrictions: it does not support complex vector shape layers, it does not support the gradient, generation, stroke, erasure, etc. of AE, it is not friendly to the original animation of design tools, and it is friendly to image animation

What’s left of the sea

It’s a long way to go

Web font processing for 101% restoration of design draft

Font design is the basic element of design, and it is also an important part of improving the user experience in the process of restoring the design draft. While giving consideration to the experience, 101% of the details of the design draft can be restored to live up to the efforts of all the students in the project. This is a summary of Web Chinese font processing. I believe we can all get something from it. Special fonts and web page performance are no longer a single choice question

1KB 3D game???

I don’t know how many students have heard of js1k competition. They complete an entry with JavaScript code within 1024 bytes. The 3D game recommended in this issue comes from this competition. It’s incredible, right? Come in and have a good time! (by the way, I’ll give you a little question. If you can complete a 3D game with 1KB code, can you do it?)

“Dandelion” magazine is updated every week. We focus on mining “Dandelion”Basic technologyEngineeringCross end framework technologyGraphic programmingServer developmentDesktop developmentartificial intelligenceDesign philosophyFront end frameBesides, we will also promote selected concave convex technology articles to show you the research technology direction of the team.

Looking up, dandelion seeds will take root and germinate like summer flowers; seeking knowledge from things, we can climb to the top and look at the sea, in order to accumulate silicon and walk thousands of miles.

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Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.26: would you like some liver this month?

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