Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.09 stackhoverflow – 2020 annual report of developers


Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.09 stackhoverflow - 2020 annual report of developers

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The sea is a collection of relics, which can lead to thousands of miles

Basic technology

Stackoverflow 2020 developer Report

The annual report of stack overflow, a technology Q & a community, counts 65000 developers from all over the world. There are several shocking numbers:

  1. JQuery is still the most popular web developer framework in 2020;
  2. Rust is the most popular technology with a 20% lead;
  3. Perl is the highest paid language in the world;
  4. American developers are the most diligent developers in the world, working an average of 41.8 hours a week (it can be inferred that the Chinese sample of this questionnaire is very small).

High performance Google font practice

In most cases, the use of Web fonts does not require a delay in web page rendering and does not adversely affect other performance indicators. With the standardization of fout / foit behavior of browsers and the latest font display specification, the rendering performance of network fonts seems to have attracted more and more developers’ attention. This paper will deeply analyze Google fonts loading optimization.

Getting to know records and tuples

“Record & tuple” (by Robin Ricard and Rick button), one of ECMAScript’s proposals, is now in stage 1. This proposal introduces two new deep immutable data structures in javascript:

  • Records: immutable object by value comparison
  • Tuples: immutable array by value comparison

This article will take you first to understand the content, usage scenarios, advantages and disadvantages of the proposal.

Front end frame

Using svelte to develop web component

stayPast weeklyWe introduced the svelte framework. In fact, svelte can be used not only to write web applications, but also to compile web components that can be distributed independently. The author uses svelte to develop a greedy snake web component. This paper introduces in detail how to write, build and use this web component. If you’re considering what framework to use to build web components, this article should be enlightening.

Graphic programming

Undergraduate students in Turing class of Peking University bring CG gospel of animation, “the convolution network that understands the skeleton best”, and realizes the action transfer | siggraph without pairing samples

After the Chinese program yuan combined with skeleton animation to achieve real-time 2D illustration animation, the latest research of Peking University and Beiying has further realized the same set of actions quickly transplanted to different 3D skeleton frames. This paper introduces the specific technical points and technical contributions in this paper, which greatly reduces the time of bone reconstruction in animation production, and is likely to become a revolutionary research in the future 3D animation industry. (others’ Junior Series)

Go deep into the cell and visit the Museum: AR search makes the homestead learn more hard core

With the gradual daily epidemic, all walks of life are speeding up their efforts on VR / ar. Google search, combined with arcore technology, “breaks” the limit of social distance, and provides an entry point for AR exploration when searching for some keywords (circulatory system “circulation system”, skeletal system “skeletal system”, etc.), without installing specific applications, the browser can directly experience it. This ar search covers human models, animal, plant and bacterial cells, and Aerospace Museum, making the previously boring knowledge more real and interesting. Developers can go to Google arcore(https://developers.google.com…)The platform obtains the corresponding open source details and builds its own ar application.

Desktop development

Electron 9.0.0 release! Three major improvements, no longer supporting electron 6

Recently, the electron team announced the official launch of electron 9.0.0. The new edition includes chromium 83, V8 8.3 and Node.js 12.14 upgrade of several components. This update adds a number of improvements to the spelling checker functionality, window event handler efficiency on Linux, a PDF viewer, and many other updates.

On the sea

The sea is a collection of relics, which can lead to thousands of miles

Web development practice — Chinese font optimization

Web font processing has always been a problem. After reading Google font’s optimization scheme, you may still want to use other methods to deal with web fonts. After all, the designer’s pixel eye can always see every difference, not to mention not using customized Chinese fonts! In the actual web development, Chinese font optimization is an indispensable part of higher standards. If you don’t understand it, you must make up for it!

Development practice of taro ide electron

The iteration speed of electron version can be described as very fast. The formal version 9.0.0 also means a further improvement of its ability. If you have no relevant experience, you can take a look at this practical article produced by taro team. The article details various problems encountered in the development process of taro IDE, as well as relevant handling methods. I believe little It will take you deep into every aspect of electron cross terminal development

Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.09 stackhoverflow - 2020 annual report of developers

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Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.09 stackhoverflow - 2020 annual report of developers

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