Daily interaction creates a “daily data governance platform” for data medium and Taiwan products to promote industrial digital upgrading


Data center opens a new era of data intelligence

Driven by the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence technology and the acceleration of enterprise digital transformation, the “data center” stands out and becomes the focus of the industry, driving the arrival of a new era of data intelligence. Nowadays, many enterprises are exploring and building a data center, hoping to better serve the large-scale innovation of front office business through the center. The construction of enterprise data center not only needs rich data sources as the foundation, but also needs strong data governance and data application ability. In particular, mature methodology and professional data platform construction scheme are very important for the landing of data platform.

Daily interaction (personal push) has rich practical experience in the field of data intelligence, and has built a solid and flexible data console to continuously increase energy and efficiency for digital upgrading in the vertical field. By summarizing their own data intelligence practice and experience in data middle office construction, they creatively put forward the “d-m-p” methodology through daily interaction, output data governance ability, and open up a new path for enterprises to land in data middle office and carry out data intelligence application.

“D-m-p” three steps to accelerate the landing of the data console

D-m-p, i.e. data machine people, summarizes the whole process from data collection to data governance and then to data application. It is the internal logic of daily interactive development of data intelligence business and the experience summary of daily interactive construction of its own data center.

Daily interaction creates a

Where d refers to data. Data here includes three levels of meaning, namely dynamic, driven and depth, which represents the understanding of daily interaction on data and the embodiment of daily interaction’s own ability advantage at the bottom of data.

Dynamic refers to the real-time and freshness of data. Real time not only represents efficiency, but also the real-time updated data will be more accurate, which can support people to make timely and scientific response and decision-making to relevant problems. We believe that real-time plays a decisive role in the value of data; Driven emphasizes the strong driving effect of data on business growth. At present, the application of big data is more in-depth. The application of data has not only stayed in the simple statistical analysis stage, but also used cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning to deeply process data; Depth refers to the deep fusion between data. We believe that to play the driving role of data, we not only need the support of large-scale data, but also rely on the continuity of data and the connection between multi-dimensional data.

The “m” emphasized in daily interaction, that is, machine, refers to the ability of data governance and processing. Corresponding to the positioning of data as a factor of production, machine refers to the productivity tools necessary for digital innovation, including means, technologies and tools related to data governance, data processing and data application. Daily interaction has accumulated strong data governance and processing capabilities in years of data intelligence practice, deeply extracted its own massive and fresh data, extracted thousands of labels, laid a solid data and technical foundation for building rich data applications, and can effectively help enterprises solve the problems of how to manage, manage and use data well.

Enterprises need more than data and machine to carry out digitization. The daily interaction also emphasizes the importance of “people”, that is, “people”. People refers to the in-depth understanding and accumulated experience and knowledge of the industry by industry experts, such as the industry know how often mentioned in the industry. The so-called “separated lines are like separated mountains”. Different industries such as Internet, finance and brand marketing have corresponding know-how and knowledge logic, which requires enterprises to combine big data technology and industry knowledge, verify data models and polish data applications in industry scenarios, so as to truly release the productivity of data.

Summing up many years of experience in building their own data center and developing data intelligent applications, daily interaction believes that data, machine and people are like the troika driving the data center. Without data, the data center is like a “source without water”, and the enterprise construction center is meaningless. Without efficient data governance means and tools, the process of building a data center will be relatively hard and long, and may not meet expectations, resulting in the inability of the built center to maximize the role of managing and using data. Without people, the data center built by the enterprise may deviate from the business track and cannot be used in the business scenario. As a result, a large amount of costs invested in the early stage cannot be transformed into business benefits, resulting in a waste of resources. Therefore, enterprises need to fully link data, technology and industry knowledge in order to move in the right direction and move forward light on the road of data platform construction.

Create a “daily counting platform” to promote industrial digital upgrading

Today, the data center is gradually moving from general to industry segmentation. In the face of the urgent needs of customers in different industries for more professional and refined digital solutions, daily interaction, relying on profound technology accumulation, leading data governance ability and rich industry experience, and relying on the concept of “data machine people”, provides overall solutions for data platforms and data governance services deeply fitting the industry scene to government and enterprise customers.

Daily interaction creates a

The new generation of data center platform – “daily data governance platform” created by daily interaction is to export the company’s ability and experience accumulated in data extraction and data governance over the years based on daily interaction’s own massive data resources, so as to help the government and industry customers effectively solve the pain points such as data Island, low data quality and difficult data application, Reduce the threshold of enterprise digital upgrading.

At the same time, the daily interaction integrates its own big data and industry data, providing a steady stream of data support for industry customers to carry out comprehensive and multidimensional business insight and intelligent decision-making; Over the years, in the process of digital upgrading of customers in the service vertical field, daily interaction has accumulated profound industry knowledge and precipitated rich and reusable industry data models, which can help industry customers implement data applications in specific business scenarios.

For example, in the mobile Internet industry, daily interaction provides app with full scene professional services from user growth to targeted promotion and then to commercial realization, helps app with data insight and accurate touch of users, and provides all-round support for app’s intelligent operation; In the field of brand marketing, daily interaction helps brand owners conduct market research, global consumer insight and in-depth media analysis, helps brand owners effectively improve the TA concentration of advertising, and makes brand marketing more effective; In terms of urban digital governance, daily interaction helps government departments scientifically carry out population analysis, urban planning and traffic management, creatively solve the scene pain points of urban governance, and help urban management be more intelligent and efficient.

Under the general trend of the development of digital economy, the process of digital industrialization and industrial digitization is promoted in coordination. As a professional data intelligence service provider, the daily interaction will focus on the three-tier structure of data machine people, continue to consolidate the big data foundation, deeply cultivate the data application in the vertical field, output the data governance ability, help government departments and industry customers efficiently build a data center, and deeply enable the digital upgrading of various vertical industries.