Cybervein released heco & Cross’s “hold and lock” airdrop activity and divided 50000 heco CVT


Cybervein released heco & Cross's
Cybervein released heco & Cross's
Last week, cybervein reached a strategic cooperation with poly network, a cross chain interoperability agreement. The two sides jointly deployed a safe and efficient cross chain bridge to realize the rapid migration and transfer of CVT assets between Ethereum chain eth, coin security intelligent chain BSC and huocoin ecological chain heco this month. At the same time, users can also go to the mdex exchange to buy heco CVT.

In order to encourage users to migrate CVT from Ethereum network to huocoin ecological chain heco, now cybervein team will conduct a large-scale airdrop with a total prize pool of 50000 heco CVT for users who hold heco CVT and “lock their positions”. Self locking means that the heco CVT is placed in the wallet without any operation within the specified time.

How the user obtains heco CVT:
  • CVT is mapped from eth chain to heco chain through one click cross chain tool poly bridge

Tutorial link: Tutorial: mapping eth-cvt to heco CVT through the cross chain tool poly Bridge

  • Purchase heco CVT directly from the mdex exchange built into Huobi wallet

Transaction link:

Rules for users to obtain heco CVT airdrop:
  • Cybervein team will take two random screenshots according to the heco CVT holding address displayed on hecoscan. Only the heco CVT address held in the two screenshots can be airdropped. If the number of heco CVT held in the two screenshots is different, it will be calculated according to the smaller number;
  • The random screenshot time is any two time points from 16:00 (UTC + 8) on April 19 to 16:00 (UTC + 8) on April 30. The user can see this time period as “self lock time period”, and the randomly selected screenshot time will be disclosed after the airdrop;
  • This airdrop divides the prize pool according to the proportion of the number of heco CVTs held by individual users in the number of heco CVTs held by all users.

For example, if user a holds 1000 heco CVTs, the number of heco CVTs held by all users is 10000 heco CVTs,

Then user a can get 10% airdrop of the total prize pool, that is, 10% of the total prize pool of 50000 heco CVT.

Cybervein team will announce the winning list in the official medium on May 6, and the airdrop will be distributed to the winning heco CVT address within 5 working days after publishing the winning list.

Cybervein team

April 19, 2021

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