Cybervein & cointegration Chinese AMA: how Dave uses blockchain to solve quantum entanglement between data


Cybervein & cointegration Chinese AMA: how Dave uses blockchain to solve quantum entanglement between data

Cybervein & cointegration Chinese AMA: how Dave uses blockchain to solve quantum entanglement between data

Cybervein is a guest of cointegraph Chinese community AMA activities. Invited to share the wonderful content of how Dave uses blockchain to solve quantum entanglement between data. The original text is as follows:

1. We know that cybervein is a well-known project born in 2017. Can you give us a brief introduction to cybervein?
Cybervein (CVT) was founded in 2017 and launched by the CV technology non-profit foundation in Singapore. Cybervein is committed to building a more efficient and secure data value ecosystem under the logic of blockchain. At the same time, it is committed to studying blockchain technology and its creative significance to solve the problem of big data application in the process of economic globalization.

As a project with landing industries, applications and products, CVT provides four smart city solutions through the newly created Dave data switch (Data Analytics & Valuation engine), and provides new smart city customized services for global government and enterprises.

In the big data ecological application scenarios of all walks of life, CVT serves as the medium for issuing and trading NFT to realize data capitalization, and can bear the functions of big data transaction costs, exchanging credit points and incentives.

2. As a project dedicated to technology research and development and blockchain implementation solutions, what do you think is the reason why it is difficult to implement blockchain entities in the industry?
My personal views on the development and implementation of blockchain are as follows: blockchain 1.0 has been implemented, and BTC leads the popularization of the concept of decentralization; Eth, which represents blockchain 2.0, promotes the outbreak of the industry due to the emergence of smart contract. Zhonggong chain hopes to reproduce the industry development and derivatives prosperity promoted by the success of BTC / eth, such as exchanges, defi, decentralized storage and NFT… However, in the era of blockchain 3.0, the focus of industry competition is on “real demand”.

Let’s start with infrastructure competition – many people will ask, is infrastructure difficult? How long has the wave field been approved and the ecology has everything? Why can’t other public chains do it? The fact is that it is difficult to develop infrastructure, especially cybervein, which almost has to develop the underlying public chain from scratch. The development of public chain is very expensive, and the R & D cost needs “100 million” yuan to calculate. This is not to emphasize that cybervein burns money, but that public chain development is so difficult. Even a community as strong as eth now has an annual development budget of about $30 million. Of course, it doesn’t cost much to build a “paper paste” architecture just to cater to those hot spots of defi.

Besides, compared with the landing dispute, I prefer to call it “demand competition” – at present, 99% of public chains or projects build their own technology bottom layer and develop relative application layer based on “theoretical needs”. Here, I’m not saying that “theoretical needs” are wrong, but most of them are “theoretical needs” that are not needed by the market, or the process of self realization takes too long, or the existing technology can’t support its project establishment.

Relatively speaking, the public chain with clear application scenario requirements is better developed. However, since the public chain should be applicable to application scenarios as much as possible, it is impossible to predict what needs will be on the chain. Therefore, the requirements for infrastructure are also very high, so infrastructure and requirements are a cycle and a cause and effect. It is conceivable that the implementation of blockchain is a huge project, which is difficult to report. Therefore, from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2020, people will think that there is not much news about CVT, but in fact, our team is working hard on technology, and has successively announced more than a dozen blockchain implementation results since March this year.

The following is my summary of the reasons why it is difficult to land blockchain entities in the current industry:

  • ① Blind investment in infrastructure development, long cycle and high cost;
  • ② The ecology corresponding to technology is neither satisfied nor in line with reality, that is, the gap between theoretical needs and real needs.
    In the CVT technology implementation roadmap, many people have seen the team’s understanding of social needs and the insistence on blockchain implementation. Instead of blindly pursuing the prosperity of the application layer, we have a very clear and correct path planning as a whole – demand for demand.

Therefore, I use the development of CVT as an example to make it clearer:

  • ① CVT project is based on the real needs of the market. Many countries, including China, have put forward the needs of smart city. Therefore, CVT’s vision comes from real needs.
  • ② According to the real needs of the market, CVT continues to redefine the smart city solution under the “real needs” according to the real needs of the market in the process of R & D of technologies and products, that is, to realize the landing of smart city by processing big data.
  • ③ CVT has developed Dave according to the real needs of the market. Therefore, Dave is also the result of real demand, and the technologies used in Dave are the best choice in the market after comparison, plus CVT’s own technical characteristics. Therefore, Dave can land as soon as it is born. If it is used, it will have a real place to use.

In conclusion, there are not many “white papers in the laboratory” that can be implemented. Some need continuous R & D iterations, and some need more auxiliary conditions. Projects that come from solutions with real needs often succeed. Such as CVT, such as chainlink.

If I’m still talking about the vision and what smart city is on behalf of CVT today, in fact, we have fallen into the misunderstanding of other public chains and projects. But you see today’s CVT to show how to achieve the ultimate goal of the first step, and a solid step. Therefore, the clarity of self path is the key to the healthy survival of a project and the landing of the industry. If we make a public chain that rubs every hot spot of theoretical demand, it may really forget its first and most real vision. If we magnify this phenomenon, we can’t talk about the landing of blockchain.

3. In order to better realize the goal and vision of the platform, I heard that cybervein launched Dave, a solution. Can you share the Dave platform and its logic in detail?

The whole process of Dave is Data Analytics & Valuation engine, which is literally translated as data analysis and value engine. Dave’s Chinese name is data switch. Today, I want to solve how blockchain realizes quantum entanglement between data through Dave.

The definition of quantum entanglement itself is complex, so I won’t teach here, but it makes sense to borrow the concept of “quantum entanglement”. Two quantum A and B, although a moves in the direction of the sun and B moves in the direction of Pluto, when a changes itself, B will also change, which is defined as entanglement for short. Generally speaking, it is the interaction between a and B without changing themselves.

As mentioned earlier, we launched Dave when seeking the landing of smart city. Cybervein believes that data is intelligent in the form of smart city. When we can more intelligently optimize and use data, it is equivalent to landing a new form of smart city. Our team also believes that this is the research form of smart city, so we are promoting it.

When it comes to data, the main obstacle is data privacy and security. Nowadays, many traditional industries and blockchain projects are stuck in how to obtain, process and trade data in compliance.

Dave has four core functional modules, among which the federal learning and distributed computing platform perfectly solves the problem of “quantum entanglement between data”, that is, privacy and security. Dave can not call or copy the data itself, simulate the data through federated learning, and calculate at the data owner through distributed computing power to form new data. The new data is the result of the “entanglement” of the original data and the result of thousands of “entanglement” similar to the original data. The new data is more accurate, safer, more valuable and smarter.

What is quantum entanglement? You can search on the Internet. I’ll tell you what its essence is – security, instantaneous transmission, reaction influence, synchronous progress and long-distance existence of energy. I apply Dave data to quantum entanglement theory.

Data a and data B are independent in Dave. A can “entangle” energy with B without changing itself. Why? Because federated learning incorporates the characteristics of a into B through aggregation analysis, B produces or integrates the entangled result (this result also refers to the characteristics), but B is still B. similarly, on the contrary, B makes a possible to be “entangled” through distributed computing power on the premise of its own invariance.

It may be said that it is more complicated. The simpler understanding is that a enriches the data system of the whole Dave and produces a more valuable B when its own data is not copied and remains in its own location. B in Dave, you can absorb countless A’s at the same time to make yourself more valuable. At the same time, because a provides value to B, a naturally has value. This is a very powerful phenomenon, because we make all data valuable, and we can extract the essence and empower other data. This is also the most wonderful part of data quantum entanglement.

This is how Dave solves and completes the quantum entanglement between data, and ensures the absolute security of the whole “entanglement” process. It can transmit and aggregate data characteristics at the same time, and also ensure that irrelevant data can be superimposed, extracted and fused to value information.

The other two parts and operations of Dave are shown in the figure below:

Cybervein & cointegration Chinese AMA: how Dave uses blockchain to solve quantum entanglement between data

Briefly, the technical principles and logic of Dave’s four core solutions:

1. Pisr database – strengthening data supervision
Through safe and reliable virtual machine operation and maintenance user data, efficiently aggregate data for data upstream, realize data traceability and tracking, so as to ensure the reliability of data source and output, and achieve cross level and cross department data sharing, so as to improve the timeliness, diversity, stock and density of data and realize the commercial value of data, It really solves the problems that data cannot be circulated and data cannot be confirmed.

2. Dag storage chain – Data Security
In order to solve the efficiency problem of blockchain, there is no need to pack and confirm, low transaction handling fee, and eliminate the role of miner. It supports asynchronous verification and parallel processing of each node. The more nodes, the faster and more scalable, which can solve both capacity expansion and efficiency problems. Data backup on DAG storage chain provides another layer of security protection for enterprises and solves the problem of data storage security.

3. Distributed computing integration – stimulate data productivity
Provide a one-stop artificial intelligence model training environment and provide users with an efficient platform for model development, training and reasoning. Any user can become the distributor and tenant of computing power. Whether it is an idle home computer or several large data centers, they can join the integrated computing power platform. These computing power resources can complete the computing tasks with certain requirements for computing time and computing power.

4. Federated learning – breaking the data island
Federated learning is distributed machine learning. The data is first learned locally. The data of all parties are kept locally without divulging privacy or violating laws and regulations. Multiple participants establish a common model by combining the locally trained model. Effectively protect data privacy and security, solve the problem of data island, and realize the value of data.

4. Does Dave alliance have any specific requirements for partners? Who are the current members?

Dave alliance hopes to build a rigorous, efficient and intelligent system.
Dave alliance adopts a centralized + decentralized governance scheme. Decentralized governance hopes that members can supervise and govern each other, so as to ensure data privacy and security.


Dave alliance will invite five Central managers and three founding managers in the early stage. The five Central managers must be from the four main technical fields of storage, database, computing power and algorithm, and must be leaders in the field, and can provide iterative support of technology or data supply / demand. The three founding managers are respectively responsible for the management director of the foundation, the ecological expansion director of the alliance, and the technical operation director of the alliance.

At present, the first batch of members are still being screened, such as waves, CELO, Tron, ontology, iotex, movieblock, etc. The first round of alliance access mechanism after Dave alliance is officially put into operation must be voted by 8 managers.

After entering the alliance, there will be three roles:
A. ecological supporter (technical and / or other)
B. data providers (hope their data can be more valuable or more intelligent), and also ensure that the data provided are compliant
C. The data demander (who wants to obtain more valuable data) should ensure that the next home of interactive transactions is the compliance use of data
For example, C trades to D and D trades to E. however, if e improperly uses data, C, D and e will be disqualified and will not be allowed to enter the Alliance for life.

5. When it comes to technical solutions, many of them stay in the proof of concept stage. What are the typical landing applications of cybervein at present? In the future, what areas will we focus on?

Cybervein’s typical landing applications include medical, financial and intelligent products.

Let’s talk about medical cases first:

Cybervein has always believed that the medical and health field will be the second largest application scenario of blockchain technology after the financial field! Cybervein took the lead in completing the technology landing in the medical field. The DAG storage chain, pisr database and federal learning developed have made a breakthrough in smart medical ecology and smart diagnosis and treatment app, and several application cases have been realized. Perhaps some of the audience present have used our landing products.

Cooperation with Shaw Hospital of Zhejiang University
Dag storage chain alleviates the storage pressure of huge medical data; The enterprise level distributed database meets the needs of big health data sharing, and makes the medical data circulation rate in the alliance ecosystem reach 80%; Federal learning provides accurate data sources, improves the quality of medical services, and improves the work efficiency of clinicians by more than 50%.

Cooperation with biomx, an Israeli cutting-edge phage therapy R & D company
With its own technical strength and industrial resources, biomx provides overseas medical research laboratories for CVT. Based on the research on biomx’s medical informatization and big data, CVT puts forward nearly 12 kinds of data solutions and functions such as customized data storage, data analysis and data interaction.

At the same time, it has also completed the research and development of the online medical assistant app with the network security R & D center of Zhejiang University and cybervein blockchain database, opened the medical business logic, provided patients with registration, query, filing, prescription drugs and other services, realized the sharing of medical records among hospitals in the ecosystem, and improved the medical experience. At the same time, it provides data storage, protection and support for hospitals in the alliance ecosystem, unifies the encryption chain and backs up to cybervein’s data center.

Financial landing cases

I’d like to introduce Hong Kong AIA as a typical cooperation. Here I’ll also mention Dave alliance. As an early member of the pilot run of cybervein Dave alliance, Hong Kong AIA obtains a large number of compliance and legal data sources by joining Dave, further reduces risks with cloud computing platform and consortium learning technology, and introduces a more reasonable reinsurance model through learning and research, Cat catastrophe insurance bond NFT was launched in the form of NFT, which is the first insurance bond NFT cooperated by traditional entity giants in the world. At the same time, AIA Hong Kong imported the data from Dave into the cross platform to form an NFT insurance policy to combine and utilize the data more effectively.

Smart product case
Jinshan cloud has reached a strategic cooperation with cybervein, and Xiaomi smart home products, an intelligent hardware partner equipped with alloy Mountain Cloud port. Cybervein has connected DAG storage chain, pisr database and federal learning technology to Xiaomi AI + IOT platform to support Mijia’s app access, control, intelligent scenarios and new retail channels. Users can upload the generated data to CVT’s pisr database through Xiaomi products. The system will use federated learning for data modeling and distribute the rewards obtained by users according to the amount of data contribution. All behavior data in the whole process are subject to multiple protection of blockchain encryption technology and data backup of DAG storage chain.

What valuable information have these three cases obtained through Dave? Many of the information is commercial and needs to be kept confidential. But I must use these three examples to explain the operation logic of Dave.

In terms of medical cases, we imported the macro compliance data of Run Run Run Shaw Hospital of Zhejiang University into Dave, and analyzed that the air quality in Zhejiang is low. At the same time, when the data of Jinshan cloud, Xiaomi and Hong Kong AIA are also imported into Dave, it is analyzed in a short time through the powerful functions of federal learning and distributed computing platform, Zhejiang needs air purifiers (Xiaomi) and respiratory and serious illness insurance (Hong Kong AIA). Xiaomi and AIA can infer and optimize their business according to Dave data and become the best choice in the market.

See, in Dave ecology, medical cases, financial cases and smart product cases seem to be incompatible, but they can be linked. Do you think of the quantum entanglement of Dave data again? Yes, this is a direct display of data quantum entanglement.

This is also the advantage of our landing, linking more values and more possibilities. We don’t do periodic victory, but we should be long-term valuers. What areas will cybervein focus on in the future? What I want to say is that wherever there is data, it is our landing field.

6, like the concept of Internet plus, the block chain + has been criticized for many years and the demand for counterfeit demand is the largest. How do you think the block chain can help the real demand side?

The industry is still in the mood of blind self-confidence and arrogance. I can see many practitioners doing AMA every day, but what they go in and talk about is their own imagination. The blockchain industry is different from other traditional industries because “imagination” will really make you money, but it is also because of imagination that the blockchain industry has not really made progress in recent years.

As Elon mask said, he said that we could land on the moon a long time ago, but we basically couldn’t achieve it after that. The iteration of science and technology is not a process of self evolution, but a passive process requiring a lot of investment. In other words, many people read the blockchain value first, but failed to grasp the blockchain value. It’s still too early to talk about how the blockchain will be implemented, because we can see the actual situation – due to various reasons, the investment and promotion of the initial oligarchs in the research and development of blockchain technology are decreasing, and there are fewer and fewer technology iterations (joking, you hear new terms).

A complacent industry needs someone to break this atmosphere and use technology to meet the needs of the traditional industry that is really constantly updating. CVT can’t say that it has the ability to do so, but at least do its part. If the blockchain wants to really help the demand side and solve the problem of demand side to demand side, it requires practitioners and industry leaders to invest more in the iteration of technology R & D products rather than “imagination”.

7. The concept of smart city is now respected and tried by many countries. Not only Middle Eastern countries such as Dubai, but also xiong’an new city in our country is actively promoting. What necessary infrastructure is needed to build a smart city? What role do you think blockchain plays in promoting smart city? In this regard, how did cybervein land?

First answer the first question, what necessary infrastructure is needed to build a smart city:
Well, each city will choose its own priority development projects in each layer of demand according to investment and market demand. Therefore, after the concept of smart city is put forward, it is difficult to have a unified “infrastructure”. Cybervein launched Dave data switch to meet the complex intelligent needs of cities in the digital age and the new infrastructure environment. Dave provides diversified customized services through “digital first” layout, efficient digital infrastructure and digital connectivity, so that more ecosystems can choose more modes to participate in the co construction and co governance of smart cities.

If you have to talk about an infrastructure, I think it is Dave. It is like a city brain, a city data resource hub, and a smart city development engine. It is a data switch needed by every smart city to meet the different priorities of urban development, smart finance, smart medical, smart transport… Did, decentralized storage… Shading, cross chain!

Second, what role does the blockchain play in promoting the smart city
If there is role a, there is role B and role C. If this is a big play, the blockchain must play together with other roles, that is, it needs to integrate other technologies to give full play to its comprehensive advantages in order to have “a good play”. Dave has the functions of sensing data, releasing data value and integrating multi-source heterogeneous data. It is not promoted by any technology alone, but integrates a variety of innovative digital technologies such as blockchain, big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, 5g and cloud computing. If you have to define the role of blockchain, I think it is an “essential” role. For Dave, we redefine the “data center” with blockchain, and use blockchain to enhance the role of data value engine.

The third question is how to land cybervein:
That must be through Dave. As I introduced at the beginning, cybervein, as a project with landing industries, applications and products, provides four smart city solutions through the newly created Dave data switch and provides customized smart city services for global enterprises. If you want to know more cases, you can pay more attention to CyberVein official account and official website.

8. The Internet has now fully covered our lives, making earth shaking changes in our lives. I believe the future blockchain is the same. Please imagine some real life scenes driven by blockchain in the next 5-10 years and cybervein’s vision in the next 5 years?

Real scenarios driven by blockchain in the future? I believe you already have some clear concepts. What cybervein is doing is to build the future, “demand generation” to “develop demand products” and then “meet user needs”. This process itself is gradual. It is reasonable to drive various scenes of life through Dave in five years.

Cybervein’s future vision is that one day, we can really open source Dave completely (at present, we decide not to open source completely).

We hope to optimize our solutions in the future, especially in the blockchain. We hope more people can join Dave alliance and use Dave in cities large and small, such as Shanghai, Seoul, New York, London, Paris and so on! It is hoped that cybervein can land in various fields such as future cities, digital government, urban decision-making and governance, future communities, fingertips, people’s livelihood and vertical applications, and establish a new model of smart cities around the world.