Cybervein announces the latest data of official global we media and communities


Cybervein announces the latest data of official global we media and communities
Cybervein announces the latest data of official global we media and communities

Note: This article is forwarded and translated from the latest global data published by cybervein official medium.

Cybervein was founded in 2017, initiated by Singapore CV technology foundation, and authorized the global smart city operation center to carry out the construction and development of global smart cities. As a project with landing industries, applications and products, cybervein provides customized solutions for smart cities for global enterprises through the newly created Dave data switches (Data Analytics & Valuation engine).

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Cybervein has been expanding and improving in terms of technology R & D, market layout, application landing and community scale since its establishment. In the weekly project progress, the technology R & D progress and market dynamics will be updated. Now cybervein has integrated the latest global we media and community operation data of this year for the whole network announcement. Cybervein will also regularly report global progress, so that CVT followers and investors in various regions can timely obtain cybervein dynamic information.

1、 Cybervein global we media platform data

Data as of 00:00 on March 18, 2021, cybervein has more than 100000 comprehensive fans on international we media platforms such as twitter, medium and bitcointalk, with a year-on-year increase of 13% in 2020.

The average value of the number of people who pay attention to each week increased month on month was + 5%, and the highest increase was 121%;

The average value of weekly reading volume increased month on month was + 48%, and the highest increase was 232%;

The number of likes and comments received each week increased by an average of + 24% month on month, with a maximum increase of 83%.



China has China’s official account of 10 China’s top media platforms in the core operating areas of China and South Korea, and the top three of China’s top three media platforms, WeChat public and micro-blog fans, are 30 thousand. Meanwhile, it has received a lot of attention in China’s largest and most professional developer community CSDN, and has been rising from 100 thousand + ranking to the top 300 in 2 months.



2、 Cybervein global community operation data

Data as of 00:00 on March 18, 2021, the number of cybervein official main telegrams has reached 5w4, the weekly chat volume has reached 5W +, the daily average activity is 6K +, and the position users account for 7%.

The average increase in the number of new employees per week was + 7.8% month on month, with the highest increase ever reaching 31%;

The average value of weekly chat volume increased month on month was + 13.1%, and the highest increase was 61.2%;

The average activity on weekdays increased month on month, with an average value of + 8.2%, up to 48%.



In addition, cybervein has a maximum of 94 communities in China and South Korea, the core operating areas, with a total number of about 50000 people. After many group washing and optimization management, cybervein currently has 66 communities, more than 3W active users, and a position holding rate of 39.2%.

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In order to better enable you to quickly and conveniently obtain cybervein related information, other cybervein information platforms are also summarized. If you want to obtain the latest cybervein trends in a more timely manner and communicate and learn from many CVT users and enthusiasts, welcome to join the cybervein community!



3、 CVT global market information

As a practical pass, CVT is a just needed payment means and circulation medium in cybervein network and its smart city ecosystem. It is a payment medium in big data services of Dave alliance and cross. The main use scenarios are storage payment, encrypted payment, computing payment and big data service payment. It has practical application value and strong liquidity.

If you want to get the latest market information of CVT, you can browse and follow cybervein on the following platform:






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