Customize Jackson parser to complete the parsing of complex format XML


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A while ago, the company’s channel platform docked a new channel and used XML format message interaction. Although the XML format is a little complex and “old”, the good thing is that it is powerful, supports attributes and comments, and is more intuitive and clear than JSON.

However, there are some disadvantages as well as powerful functions. Some complex XML cannot be directly mapped to entity classes like JSON, because XML supports attributes. If a tag has multiple attributes or attributes and values at the same time, it is not good for entity class mapping, such as the following message:

    <extendInfo key="birthday" value="19870101"/>  
    < extendinfo key = "address" value = "Beijing" / >  
    <extendInfo key="gender" value="M"/>  
    < extendinfo key = "username" value = "weekly off" / > 


There are solutions for more complex messages like the above, but they are not very elegant. For example, I can create an extendinfo class, define two attributes of key / value, and then define extendinfos as a list. I can also complete the parsing:

public class Root {
    private List<ExtendInfo> extendInfos;
    // getter and setters....

But this data format is obviously a key value pair format. Is it a little silly to get a list to store it? If only map could be used to receive data from extendinfos

Jackson is a very powerful serialization library. In addition to supporting JSON, it also supports many other formats, such as XML. Moreover, Jackson can customize the enhancements to the parser throughJsonDeserializerThe extension of the interface can complete the analysis of more complex data:

Based on Jackson, you can customize the parser to complete the parsing of the above complex data, and parse extendinfos into a map to facilitate the processing of the program

First define an attrmap to mark our special data type. Just inherit the HashMap directly:

public class AttrMap<K,V> extends HashMap<K,V> {

Then change the type in root to this attrmap:

public class Root {
    private AttrMap<String,Object> extendInfos;
    // getter and setters....

Then there is the custom type Parser – attrmapdeserializer, in which the message and attrmap are mapped

public class AttrMapDeserializer extends JsonDeserializer<AttrMap<String,String>> {
    public AttrMap<String,String> deserialize(JsonParser p, DeserializationContext ctxt) throws IOException, JsonProcessingException {
        JsonToken curToken ;
        AttrMap<String,String> attrMap = new AttrMap<>();
        while ((curToken = p.nextToken()) !=null && == JsonTokenId.ID_FIELD_NAME){
            //skip start token
            String key = null,value = null;
            while ((curToken = p.nextToken()) != null
                String attrName = p.getCurrentName();
                String attrValue = p.nextTextValue();
                    key = attrValue;
                //Handle < attr key = "any" value = "any" / > and < attr key = "any" > 123213 < / attr >
                if("value".equals(attrName) || "".equals(attrName)){
                    value = attrValue;
        return attrMap;

Well, it’s done. Let’s test it:

String body = "<Root> \n" +
        "  <extendInfos> \n" +
        "    <extendInfo key=\"birthday\" value=\"19870101\"/>  \n" +
        "< extendinfo key = \" address \ "value = \" Beijing \ "/ > \ n"+
        "    <extendInfo key=\"gender\" value=\"M\"/>  \n" +
        "< extendinfo key = \" username \ "value = \" Zhouguan \ "/ > \ n"+
        "  </extendInfos> \n" +

JacksonXmlModule module = new JacksonXmlModule();
module.addDeserializer(AttrMap.class, new AttrMapDeserializer());

ObjectMapper objectMapper = new XmlMapper(module);

Root root = objectMapper.readValue(body, Root.class);

Root {extras = {birthday = 19870101, address = Beijing, gender = m, username = Zhou Guan}}


Jackson XML module


Jackson XML Wiki…

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